Who sa香港桑拿足浴论坛ys the 36th order I do not look to go up so dot money!

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 2154 words, update at: 2021-02-16 12:30

If Lin Jing knows Yan Ge just shuts an eye to rest, do not know to return what can say to give such word.

Yan Ge thinks idea bad very much open open one’s eyes, let Lin Jing be immersed in awkward leeway. Also calculate, castigatory forest static do sth without authorization follows her to come to here. But want, cannot bear again heart. Her feign installs unwell frown, slowly open open one’s eyes.

“Arrived home. ” the safety belt of song of character of unlock of Lin Jingshun situation, issued a car to help Yan Ge open door after that.

Yan Ge followed Lin Jing to receive lift, the shoulder is wrapping around suit jacket. Sunglasses is hanged on collar, bosom of both hands annulus is staring at the number that rise.

After going to 23, elevator slowly open.

Lin Jing goes to the front of the door to input a password, push opened the door to go in. After Yan Ge tightens therewith.

The house is too big, the likelihood is to decorate a style too contracted.

“Mom! ” two children that do not know to be gotten from which, rush closely holding Yan Ge in the arms, cry excitedly.

Two children just like takes off the monkey that comes down from beautiful fruit hill alive, where to resemble attack of fever.

Yan Ge hands Lin Jing coat, lower his head to touch the head of two bub, laugh softly: “Hungry? Do we let father had cooked? Do we let father had cooked??

Yan Xu, character depends on none hesitant path: “Good. “Good..

Two bub had not seen Yan Ge for a long time it seems that, the hand that playing Yan Ge does not plan to unlock. If skinful was being installed in abdomen, say to listen to Yan Ge one by one.

Lin Jing hears the word of children, do not have good energy of life shake one’s head. His strung apron, the station often looks up in the kitchen look to the sitting room. Heart resembling is by what cram. Let him have unexpectedly, such all one’s life crossing, good also idea.

Rise till noise of mobile phone bell, he just is walked out of from inside such dream.

Ah, yan Ge has so much lover, how can be willing to be mixed for him the child, abandon enjoying instantly.

Yan Ge is recumbent sofa, see baby-sitter brings Jiang Yibai, bear laugh: “River agent. “River agent..

“Boss. ” Jiang Yibai puts the document on tea table, suffering is breathed out breathe out.

The world that they are in now, it is the campus Ma Li Suwen that Yan Ge writes, the name is ” ahead Gao Shuang ” .

What the novel tells roughly is female advocate in the process that learning desperately, with ” delay my future ” for reason, much gold of dazzle of cruel of excuse oneself from school bully, sunshine is close officer grass, tender only of affection learn bully wait for a series of men.

Female advocate check a school smoothly, march financial, after becoming wealthy old woman, receive those hunter the story of the palace after be.

Although Jiang Yibai is in last worlds, have trifling knowledge to Yan Ge. But very curious still, the what that installs in his boss head? !

Take aim when him the Lin Jing of the kitchen, be stupefied, sound depress: “How did he also come? “How did he also come??

“Do you ask me? ” Yan Ge became white a Jiang Yibai, let baby-sitter go to child morbid.

The first person that leaves spatio-temporal bureau is her, !

Jiang Yibai also realizes this is nodded, the laugh of apology: “Boss, this file — “

“Go the study says. ” the first page that Yan Ge translates a document, the mood is not very good any more.

Hear the folly in her hand to prevent Lin Jing, break Jiang Yibai’s word directly.

Lin Jing pours a cup of water to Jiang Yibai, hear their talk, just know Jiang Yibai is the agent of wife. He, he still thinks is a lover. Within an inch of, had to a stranger ought not to some animosity.

Really discourteous still.

Yan Ge adds up to the file, rise. She sits to the front of desk, silent waiting for Jiang Yibai to close the door.

“If the boss thinks if, I kick Lin Jing now a current world. ” Jiang Yibai walks along close desk slowly, serious talk.

Just came to this world, he has scanned. Discover virus is not powerful, play a host, should OK. But he does not know the think of a way in character song heart, can the proposal of p reaper.

Yan Ge low[……]

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Do香港夜网论坛es my face check the 46th order don’t you have appeal?

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 2122 words, update at: 2021-02-26 11:36

Does the song that drive talk go? Lin Jing never has thought so, do not know Yan Ge gets the verdict that come from which.

He carries the eye is the face that character song hidden bitterness subdues again, low first: “When did I drive you to go. “When did I drive you to go..

“That is me can bad idea. Time is about the same, I go going to work. ” Yan Ge brushs the mouth, say to upstairs be gone to and go.

Return the Yan Ge of the office, open the page that fights a landlord chronically, hearing the report of be favored with of long-winded of Ni Na garrulous.

“Character always, annals sent your mailbox last year. Annual battalion closed last year 3.8 billion, decrease compared to the same period 23% , net profit 1 billion, decrease compared to the same period 28% … ” Ni Na handed the past the file, serious talk.

Yan Ge gives a shop sign, light hum, signal Ni Na continues.

The company of deficit of in successive years, cannot blame is so cheap. Although of her bold and resolute rectify and reform, but can accomplish reluctance to stop only caustic. Want next year money signs up for no longer deficit warning, have to lean the hair power of entertainment and science and technology.

She sees a victory play draw a frame round, move the look to Ni Na to go up personally: “The thing that money signs up for, put first. Let law Wu ministry and public relations ministry, handled the law case of the actor with company end an agreement as soon as possible. The item that delivers today, did you look? Did you look??

“The thing of actor, opinion of law Wu department was being handled. The project in the morning, had looked, what problem is there? ” Ni Na is stupefied slightly, according to the facts. She is observing Yan Ge carefully, considering the idea of oneself boss.

don’t those projects have can pass a barrier?

The film ” evil female have advocate ” , ” this man has bit of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease ” with put together art ” ignore consistent evening beautiful woman comes ” calculate on beautiful was tasted.

Of course, the boss’ eye, she is not dare buy rostellum.

Character singer is filling a head, wear with jab of the cap of a pen the small cacti on the desk, leisurely path: “A few reluctance can have seen an eye.

Put together art ” come like one evening beautiful woman suddenly ” , change VR kind amative game. ” I am metamorphic ” , ” this villain in drama was wrapped by me ” the film, change put together art. Change put together art..

“… , good. ” Ni Na feels oneself boss is a bit follow one’s inclinations crossed a head.

Yan Ge listens those who give Ni Na is loath, bear laugh: “Since be game, did not forget to send piece deputy always over there. ” I am metamorphic ” although use the perspective means of crossing-over sexual distinction, convey the discrimination of a few societies, but fundamental key had better do the means that laugh to give priority to with Sha Diao.

” this villain in drama was wrapped by me ” , the actor or artist that makes those controversy sexes the strongest becomes a honored guest, vermicelli made from bean starch is done chair, black pink becomes a commissioner. Black pink becomes a commissioner..

Ni Na is written down in turn with the pen, feel the boss’ idea has a hotspot more. She adds up to folder, explore: “Other item… “

“Chopped. ” Yan Ge throws the pen into pen container, the head also does not carry.

Ni Na sees Yan Ge begins again new a bottle of round landlord, the departure of know how to behave in a delicate situation.

What put together art, film, game can earn is really finite.

Yan Ge does not plan to be treasure pressing above this. She shut computer, accurate go seeing Zhang Wanru. Who thinks, just went to what the doorway hears Zhang Wanru to spit groove.

“Female to the hotspot of game besides is building a model love? What the man plays be bored with very easily is good! What the man plays be bored with very easily is good!!

“This ” gobble up ” play a way, copy the pattern that big fish has small fish directly still can go. Copy the pattern that big fish has small fish directly still can go..

“” cordon ” , ” the attacking army has reached the city gates ” , ” beauty comes late ” … why be gunfight, cannot have bit of other originality. Cannot have bit of other originality..


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What the 41st chapter won’t let y香港旺角建兴大厦楼凤ou be defeated is too miserable

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 2090 words, update at: 2021-02-21 12:30

Lin Jing is pressed to be on sofa by Yan Gejiang, itself was felt by Yan Ge on.

He wants to push Yan Ge, be in however when seeing the concern in character song eye, originally ” skin injury ” change: “I do not have a thing. Time is about the same, you should attend a party. In the home, give I am good. Give I am good..

“Are you affirmatory? ” Yan Ge explores ask. See Lin Jing nods, ability reluctance is at ease leave.

Two people come to subterranean garage, took a car early or late.

Looking glass is taken after Jiang Yibai saw an eye guiltily, making steering wheel.

“I am a person that does not have patience. ” Yan Ge is recumbent the back of the chair, complexion is cloudy.

If a moment ago she comes late one pace, lin Jing may be direct belch fart.

Jiang Yibai hears the car roadside, the close lightly of apology close lightly mouth: “It is me too impatient. “It is me too impatient..

“You think killed Lin Jing, can the growth of virus of keep within limits? ” Yan Ge closes a key point gently, hearing the noisy hum outside car window.

The investigation mail that headquarters hair comes to, she is not to did not see.

She does not give Jiang Yibai refuted chance, continue: “Lin Jing can make virus excited only. And I, can point the success or failure that has him desire. If be absent,the getting that he is good at won him inside the country, he is to won’t come out. He is to won’t come out..

“The domain that he is good at? ” Jiang Yibai thinks of virus appears with identity first time of Qin Nan, it is the eve that is about to win in Yan Ge. As the existence of bait, bring him to go.

Yan Ge from ridicule: “You think of my idle do not have a thing, march financial? Go, again behind schedule cannot catch up with a banquet. Again behind schedule cannot catch up with a banquet..

Jiang Yibai hum, start a car afresh, southward lunar big public house sails.

After all, there still are a lot of doubts in his heart. For example, why Qin Nan so be hostile to Xu Jinan, the reason of Zhang Wanru of character song accredit? In still having opening of Nan of the Qin Dynasty they, who is those who point to?

What had Lin Jing and character produced after all between the song, why Qin Nan only box up, is not evict Lin Jing ” Long Yin is empyreal ” the world.

Car slowly stop in south lunar big public house, yan Ge and Jiang Yibai around left a car, recumbent invitation entered banqueting hall.

There is light music inside the hall, distinguished personages elite people wine Yan Huan.

The Yan Ge that everybody does not know, preparation looks for an angle cat to wear.

An attendant goes suddenly to them before, complaisant path: “Zhang Zong you are very long, come along with me please. Come along with me please..

Yan Ge nods, follow attendant to enter the balcony of 2 buildings. Box is very large, sat only however 5 people.

“Song. ” Zhang Wanru sees Yan Ge, busy have waist continuously, making call.

The old lady that her left is taking, look 6, 70 years old. Hair head see things in a blur is white, wearing brunet cheongsam. There is a smile between eyebrow eye, resemble an a term applied to a kindhearted person beneficently. In the moment that sees Yan Ge, the smile in eye is deeper.

Right is a middleaged man that business suit change walks on. Although he tries hard reduce atmospheric pressure, yan Ge still can feel that low pressure.

Jiang Yibai is by the side of character song ear, remind in a low voice: “Boss, what Zhang Wanru both sides is sitting is her grandma Zhang Suyue and father Zhang Tian. Today is an old lady 80 old age, be in so south lunar fete. Be in so south lunar fete..

“You say not early. ” Yan Ge does not have good energy of life saw a Jiang Yibai, sit to the side of Zhang Wanru to laugh to two people.

The family lives 80 great life, oneself connect a gift to do not have preparation, be too discourteous really.

Think of this, yan Ge is unavoidable some ashamed remorse: “When coming, forget to prepare a gift unexpectedly, it is me of this junior is not. Piece the grandma is at ease, fill to you certainly next time on. Fill to you certainly next time on..

Jiang Yibai stands in character song back, want to explain for oneself, do not know how to say again however.

“You need not explain. Whe[……]

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The 34t香港楼凤宫h chapter time the Xu Jinan outside

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 1806 words, update at: 2021-02-14 16:30

Yan Ge died, did not pass how long did Jiang Yibai, Lin Jing also go accordingly.

What the thing happens is too abrupt, so that character is searched, Zhao Nian, green trailing plants, counsellor they think for a time, it is remaining confederates harm of Qin Nan. Because this sent person thorough to consult the holder beside them, the result is empty-handed however.

Old hind, dali temple is its classify, inextricability mystery case.

Xu Jinan resigns official position, growing character song bury face peach blossom hill, at one peach garden is being established below hill. Defending Yan Ge’s gravestone here, be being defended is half a lifetime. He is thinking, so arrive old, also be a very good thing.

Dan Xiaqing and idle will not to have a thing, always will visit. Of course, not be to visit him, visit Yan Ge however.

Strange is, xia Qing and always before Gu body stands in gravestone, silent as the grave.

Seem a lot of words were installed in the heart, however hold back is worn do not say.

Besides in character song bury that day, she cried 3 days, one field hind became a serious illness to devise clever strategies again, sober and composed counsellor.

The Xia Qing such as Xu Jinan total love and leave, hold one crock wine in the arms, the gravestone of recumbent Yan Ge says to oneself.

Actually, two things are buried in his bottom of the heart. Connect Yan Ge, had not alluded. But Yan Ge is dead now, he says a the dead also it doesn’t matter. If Yan Ge can climb to search him from bier, his happy also acceptance.

The first thing, it is him when Jiangchen does small beggar, once was calculated freely to cross one divinatory symbols by a division calculating divinatory symbols.

Division calculating divinatory symbols says him, all one’s life ever encountered the noble that arrive on, this all one’s life still can be encountered.

Although the life of this noble, two all one’s life are not very good. But the future to him, the impact is not big.

If the makings that be like place is not poor, this noble can protect his large fortune not only, still can let him become Buddha into celestial being. Break away from the suffering of 3 bounds, get immortal lot.

Complacent appropriate meets Fu, future goes having a reason. Benefit name eventually hopeful, reunion 35 months.

Say this poem, master calculating divinatory symbols laughed very long, just continue: “Your this individual, do not have desirable place up and down all over. Strength is impatient, lack endurance and willpower, everything follows a heart and be, and love enrages act.

But lunar star is illuminated high, all encounter female noble all one’s life.

This, this having bodeful, be given you to change unlock to come by female noble again unluckily, make you turn care is happy event, reap fame and gain again. And, the day is in the near future, inside 35 days but outcome. Inside 35 days but outcome..

Xu Jinan only is bullshit, but before long hind he met Yan Ge.

What teacher father says is right, the life of his home boss is really bad. Home of husband of half a lifetime bestows favor on concubine to destroy before wife, after curtilage sullen. Second half gives birth to battlefield of go on an expedition, good got the world not easily, however early get killed.

In the end, whats were enjoyed.

Xu Jinan thinks of here, unavoidable not worth for Yan Ge rise. This is old the day is really blind eye, the boss that lets him such miserable.

If say fortune-telling master worker, it is coincidence. So the 2nd thing, let him think of every time, feel fear after the event.

Assault in those days before Yan Shan, xu Jinan has a kind to premonition unspecifiedly. This kind premonitions, strong some are unusual. So that make,install today everyday in the evening can the dream arrives, a black shadow kills him with various means.

That sense is too real, let him awoke to give a suit cold sweat every time, the delay of one’s heart still fluttering with fear very long.

Him for fear that can die in the dream, also wake not to come again.

When he attacks a town later, countless brush a shoulder with sharp bow and him how many times and pass. When often wanting to hit oneself, can keep away from because of various reason.

Knowing is somebody all the time darkling protects him, still[……]

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The 37th chapter you are whi九龙楼凤兼职ch?

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 2029 words, update at: 2021-02-17 12:30

Small a few 100 million, although in finance the circle does not calculate,go up much. But at least, was equivalent to having a ticket.

Yan Ge ate two meals, on the face calm be like first. She contained bowl boiling water to Linjing, explore: “If I sold share, can pa Mom and you get angry? Can pa Mom and you get angry??

“How, does your small lover do Qian Hui suddenly clean? ” Lin Jing hint given with the eyes became dark dark, cannot help sneering at.

Very fast, he realizes the misgivings in him word.

Do not know how to return a responsibility today, always have a few indescribable sentiments. The likelihood is to see Yan Ge and young man and woman people get along, let him have the idea that wants to enjoy everyday life to live.

Can be, so bored like him formalist frigidity, time is for the most part in book.

Should, won’t somebody likes.

Lin Jing has received Yan Ge to give the soup that come, from the laugh of ridicule: “Feel sorry, it is me abruptness. At the outset come to an agreement or understanding, each other is hands-off each other life, I still am however so sneer at you, it is really too not should. It is really too not should..

“What you say is right, this resembles the thing that does before me really. ” Yan Ge not at all angry, instead the calm admits.

Enjoy life, it doesn’t matter is very elenctic. After all, the sex that feed color also.

In Yan Ge fall flat-out, lin Jing’s face is redder. He puts down bowl chopsticks, looked for a reason to take a study casually.

Today, he and differ as one used to do too big. The time that needs together with Yan Ge before the likelihood is too little, so that some are unaccustomed now.

Yan Ge prepares to take share to make original capital, but the thing that thinks of the bottom is not him, decisive abandon.

Since original owner and Lin Jing are be matched for marriage, family property accumulated over a long time should be not small. Be afraid of, original owner to indulge oneself, beat family property accumulated over a long time smooth. She expects only now, jiang Yibai can give her a satisfactory answer.

Current world is with reality the world develops almost same. So the golden hand of prescient future points to, she never.

Yan Ge is filled full be over abdomen, extended a lazy waist to go toward the study. She pushs the door of the study, bosom of both hands annulus, lean on doorcase. Hoping to sit before computer, knock the Lin Jing of the word.

Dedicated the person of some thing, can send out as expected glamour.

Noise of mobile phone bell rises, she just backs down two paces, had received a telephone call.

“Yan Ge, hear you want to mix daystar end an agreement. Might as well Lai Yuele, I and Hao day welcome you. ” sweet female voice, make character song brows small pressed.

Although she does not know who the incoming telegram is, before Dan Hao day is like be original owner male friend.

For this, yan Ge very apology: “I am sorry, which are you? If be the problem of working respect, still contact my agent please. Still contact my agent please..

“You, the voice that joins me now listened not to come out. I am Lv handsome, your good friend. When to have time, we are made an appointment with. ” Lv handsome handsome speaks, approach a theme continuously.

Yan Ge laughs slightly, repeat: “If be the problem of working respect, still contact my agent please. ” say, hanged a phone directly.

Baby-sitter gives case of a gift come over, saying is the express that a moment ago somebody delivers.

Yan Ge oh, return a room to ravel the gift. It is to be stupefied first, look up and down carefully again.

Say the likelihood is a bit absurd, unexpectedly somebody sent Tuo toy excrement to her. The model has a place a little coarse, because the trace of balata is too heavy really. She mewed eye addressee, lv Qian pretties.

Why she feels this woman, have so little lovely?

Yan Ge thinks of oneself son cheats the thing of own high fever, had evil interest temporarily.

It is the toilet that throws the gift opposite the study first, signal baby-sitter does not want disclose. Be informed after, children sits in side read a book.

She pretends to be the malcontent room that takes to young son, priggish path: “Two baby, a thing mom wants to ask you[……]

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The 32nd c香港富士大厦小姐hapter is enraged evil spirit I also

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 2034 words, update at: 2021-02-13 16:05

If fall to be in the hand today, why to need to be talked again in the future.

Search according to character look, this is the word of evade of domestic elder sister clearly.

Character is searched taking a table, yock path: “My home elder sister is face thin. Nowadays of this the world advocate, besides you, who is qualified still sit. If somebody dare revolt, installing this boy to be afraid of today is the first rushs forward, pour their put down in the ground. Pour their put down in the ground..

Everybody hears talk, all be to laugh at posse.

This thing, still resemble Xu Jinan’s style really. Ferial in they besides discuss right enemy plan, also now and then talk about the daily life of a family.

Take a broad view is whole barback, who does not know Xu Jinan, only Yan Ge follow sb’s lead. Who wants half to dare say Yan Ge not word, xu Jinan is not let off the first times.

Xia Qing laughs with song seeing word and not language, understand below the heart probably. She puts down a teacup, made to a few people an eye, rise: “You all the way overworked, might as well tomorrow reconsideration. Might as well tomorrow reconsideration..

“Tomorrow? ” character is searched be about to place now, however by counsellor cut in. He sees the eyes of counsellor, at once understand tacitly.

Zhao Nian, Xu Jinan rises along with two people, farewell before setting out is over to leave one by one.

Who thinks, the following day early in the morning, yan Ge receives counsellor, character to search, the sick leave archives of the person such as Zhao Nian, green trailing plants.

Good lord, their this ability just took next the world, immediately with respect to fade can you return? !

Yan Ge strokes the forehead, but visit the sick one by one. She comes first east of the courtyard wing-room, the door that connect a courtyard was not entered, by beefeater with ” character governor got smallpox ” for, unripe unripe block.

Smallpox? !

Ah. She cannot help wanting to fall desk, still have alcoholic drink with oneself yesterday, now have to smallpox, really short talk is searched can want to reach.

All right, how is close sister younger brother. This nods little joke, she still leaves to rise.

If Yan Ge agrees to carry first, can see hide the green trailing plants of the playgoing other upstair stake, Zhao Nian, character is searched, Xu Jinan, the person such as Li Ming.

Green trailing plants is a little afraid: “The madam seemed to get angry. “The madam seemed to get angry..

Character searchs read smoothly to comfort: “Disposition of my elder sister is best, how the meeting is angry. Got angry namely, later it is good that we are fooled. Later it is good that we are fooled..

Zhao Nian expresses to suspect: “Are you affirmatory? “Are you affirmatory??

What Xu Jinan’s mouth is covered by Zhao Nian is dead. Li Ming and Tang Zhen press his shoulder respectively. He wants to remind Yan Ge namely, also do not have method to remind.

Very fast, yan Ge has answered flavour to come. Character searchs her not to see, so Zhao Nian, Li Ming, Tang Zhen also hides most probably.

Good, these people are really… gas evil spirit she also.

Alleged capture a thief first king, at present, what she still looks for counsellor is good.

Character song reason is returned to, let a person prepare carriage, go straight towards counsellor you home continuously.

Who expects, just had stridden Zhang Fu’s doorsill to be barred by Zhang En.

“Ministry hall Yours Excellency, pardon the offense please. My home a form of address for one’s wife got strange disease, be afraid of alarm ministry hall. You follow slave slave-girl to change the clothes of body exorcise evil spirits first, I take you to see her again. ” Zhang En is a simple minded originally cling to the scholar that pay, also be infected with by counsellor now a smooth article.

, do not change body clothes namely? Her Yan Ge, change!

Yan Ge is doing psychology to build to oneself hard, unapt let her collapse drop sedate person to set. After her both hands is lost, cold face: “Act as a guide. “Act as a guide..

“Ministry hall here please. ” slave slave-girl carries hand, bend forward body path.

The song that await word comes to ben, stand after screen, look at build the imperial robe[……]

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The 45th cha香港兼职女pter is drawn out by debauchery empty body

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 2125 words, update at: 2021-02-25 12:30

About creating the effect of glasses of VR of dream new fund, yan Ge or the user that collect tiring-room experience.

Of course, this is the common fault of all VR glasses. If can try to improve, perhaps can kill in congener product piece.

Yan Ge ” prospective world ” the project hands Ni Na, hesitated a short while: “Invite the chief of this game, advocate model, world outlook, play a law to be changed afresh, I give inside two weeks. I give inside two weeks..

“Good. Most the put together that new friend comes up art with film project, I had sent you. ” Ni Na has received folder, remind.

The project that Zhang Wanru and Yan Ge take a fancy to, she dare be not dealt with naturally.

Yan Ge opens breakfast box, dug an egg to include dumpling soup with ladle, open the page that fights a landlord.

The door is pushed abruptly, zhang Wanru was carrying a few bag that pack to go. She puts the thing on tea table, cold-shoulder saw eye character song: “Do you eat in the morning so dot? Do not say this, I tell you a good news.

I helped us dig an operation great mind to come over. Want you only a bit, I let him enter office. I let him enter office..

“You dig comer, I had been believed naturally. ” Yan Ge is staring at computer screen closely, be perfunctory extremely.

Need not think she also knows, zhang Wanru begs her for certain old father.

Zhang Wanru is holding tea with milk in both hands, go behind Yan Ge, watch battle way: “Have you this word is become. Graceful, that game developed yesterday how? I am honest recently of game barren fierce, be badly in need of a game save my as dry as a chip soul. Be badly in need of a game save my as dry as a chip soul..

“Feel embarrassed, piece deputy always. Character always should rectify and reform this, release time to wait for calm. ” the laugh that Ni Na feels embarrassed.

Zhang Wanru both hands is holding double shoulder of Yan Ge, act like a spoiled child: “Your travel be merciful, give me a means of livilihood. Give me a means of livilihood..

She be used to of this individual extravagant, be together with those small lovers, besides prodigal it is prodigal. If not bad before, but now her purse shrivelled, continue again without courage.

Although Yan Ge gave him black card, but also dare not move. Can see a play only, play play game to come goof.

Yan Ge gives a shop sign, saw a Zhang Wanru, laugh: “Since you like to play game so, the project of game respect gives you. Ni Na, the project related game, send piece of deputy total office. Send piece of deputy total office..

“… , character classmate, you are done so not quite appropriate! ” Zhang Wanru is to like to play game, not be to like to make game.

Character song handle gently is knocking at a desktop, waiting for the other side to give a shop sign. In the memory of original owner, zhang Wanru eats and drink go whoring is betted, all is perfectness.

When original owner mixes slash recreation to encircle, zhang Wanru is game skill more the point is full.

Without what this is strange also nevertheless, after all the 2 worlds that Zhang Wanru is a standard ancestor. Be scolded in game, must rely on actual strength to be hit. In the course of contacts, renown date so enter come out.

Yan Ge gave piece of shop sign, jokingly: “I this is not to be afraid that you are drawn out by debauchery empty body. Said again, the title of your game great mind is unused so long, be time gives all corners of the country again. Be time gives all corners of the country again..

“I thank you. ” Zhang Wanru puts away the tea with milk that gives Yan Ge, of in a huff answered him office.

Mobile phone screen shines suddenly, ring frightened Yan Ge to jump. So that, she made mistake card.

Yan Ge sees remarks is husband, had received a telephone call: “Hello? “Hello??

“Eat a meal together. Where are you, I go receiving you. ” the sound that Lin Jing brings magnetism slightly is transmitted.

Of character song kink holding the lower jaw, always feel Lin Jing is cankered.

Should won’t be to borrow again machine drive a door out of her?

But the home is her, she should go by what. Want, also be it is Lin Jing walks along ability to be opposite!

Her think better of thinks, original owner also comes home every year 3 times two. The child and bil[……]

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Outer part of香港红磡楼凤 man of husband of the 30th chapter is small

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 2033 words, update at: 2021-02-12 16:00

The expense of close half an year, a little big really.

Green trailing plants has again big original story namely, face the state that gives to be not entered only, also nowhere does it.

This bit, be him neglect.

Yan Ge drank two congee, laugh: “Be like your meaning, still won’t do. Still won’t do..

“Many thanks madam. ” the result that green trailing plants gets wanting, laugh more joyous. Bend forward move close to Yan Ge personally, in a low voice: “Wait for how to hand in storeroom today, I prepare get married matters concerned for the madam. I prepare get married matters concerned for the madam..

“… , adding up to my disapprobation, do you forbid to have? ” Yan Ge holds the hand of ladle, look up see Xiang Luluo, do not have way of good energy of life.

That is understanding before, the where of young green trailing plants that cocoa loves went.

Hollow laugh of green trailing plants two, fear character song launch an attack, carry the foot leaves smooth.

Yan Ge shakes his head helplessly, put down bowl chopsticks, rise. Carried a pen to write a letter, let vassal 800 lis urgent send in Xu Jinan hand.

Calculating a time, from breach glue east, An Gu and other places is not far.

She is recumbent the back of the chair, finger tip chuck is worn desktop. At hand is Qin Nan what deliver newly is epistolary, although did not allude armistice 2 words, but between the lines all is this meaning.

Presumably, qin Nan is very know a whosoever understands the times is a great man.

Of oneself counsellor child, had not fallen, qin Nan enrols cannot sustain already. Continue again, be afraid that Qin Nan can be bullied to cry by counsellor.

Yan Ge changes civilian clothes, carry the foot leaves inside the room. Before government office giving speech, touch on Lin Jing, follow one of removing.

The pedestrian of the contact on the street and they brush a shoulder and pass. The cry out of butcher peddles, the argy-bargy of passerby, letting a person forget to be returned currently unexpectedly is troubled times.

The pulls a Yan Ge hand that Lin Jing explores, had fastened a face to pretend not to have thing happening. Yu Guang, not self-conscious however see Xiang Yan song.

Wait for be answered to grasp in one’s hand, was stupefied a short while, just said a note gently.

“Appear in front very lively. ” Yan Ge is listening hubbub, seeming was to give what job. Be afraid of crowd break up they, not by grasping Lin Jing.

Two people approach, discover common people people forward a girl is throwing egg and sodden dish leaf.

“Huo Jiaren is not good thing, beat dead she. Beat dead she..

“Yes, suddenly wind of if it were not for controls affairs of state, do country, civilian, he Zhi uprises at having so much army. He Zhi uprises at having so much army..

“Zhang Ran, Qin Nan, Liu Xu which do not have massacre to cross a city. Hall of ministry of character of if it were not for, we still do not know to be able to have a whole dead body. We still do not know to be able to have a whole dead body..

After character song both hands is lost, look at silently those who hold a head in the arms to hide in the corner 10 come year old of little girl.

Except is heard suddenly, she forgot Huo Feng quickly this name.

Associate with one by one from her at the moment thrill through, calm case leaves the picture of Kyoto in her finally.

“Whats are you doing! Rabble is! Came loose, came loose! ” large quantities of officials differ Wen Sheng and come, the edge calls an edge to break up the crowd.

Long but character song foot falls,face, the thing is troubled by big, they are bad also report to the superior after accomplishing a task.

The official such as Yan Ge is differred, the person also came loose, just move toward a girl. She crouchs before the girl partly, handle handkerchief gives the past, tender path: “How are you absent Kyoto, run long face come? Run long face come??

The girl is stupefied continuously be stupefied see Xiang Yan song, a word also does not say.

Making is to meet with person cool detachment became much, the vigilance of ability a suit and guard against.

Yan Ge also not angry, fill in the handkerchief in the girl’s hand, low laugh: “Your dad ever had favour and m[……]

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Just a little of the 35th ch香港SPA品茶apter 3456 Adonis

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 2037 words, update at: 2021-02-15 12:30

Regain is spatio-temporal the Yan Ge of the building, Jiang Yibai, Lin Jing 3 people, sit on sofa early or late.

Be known according to Yan Ge, whole building is controlled along with her.

AI robot, serve refreshments for 3 people, retreated silently again.

Lin Jing restores memory for an instant, recall jointly what last worlds happen is all. There is Yan Ge to send his Bai Yuzan in his hand, yu Guang secretly see Xiang Yan song.

What last worlds happen is all, explain, has not Yan Ge blamed him?

Regrettablly, yan Ge is handling a document now, notice these without time.

“Boss, when are we headed for leave a world? ” Jiang Yibai sees Yan Geduan has a cup of tea, cannot help reminding.

Yan Ge oh, carry hand one brandish, a transparent eddy appears before them. She puts down a teacup, rise.

Follow closely of Jiang Yibai, Lin Jing ever since.

The light of a dazzling, let Yan Ge’s vinegary frown.

“Master, woke? I just had cooked breakfast, should you rise first thing taking a place? ” tender male voice is transmitted, back-to-back move kisses Yan Ge’s forehead.

Yan Ge carries the hand obscures double eye, getting used to present body hard. Incidentally original owner before half a lifetime, moved come out.

Original owner is arrant before after the shadow.

Rise in the career period, by before male friend and boudoir honey placed a, from this position suffer a disastrous decline. After a few times public relations does not have solution, flat broken jar is broken fall, put flying ego thoroughly.

Parental book sweet old and well-known family, although die in succession, but elder people still assisting her more or less.

But original owner a bit not feel grateful, recumbent before the money that conflagration earns, the bag raised just a little 3456 Adonis.

Oh, was opposite. Original owner still has a husband that translates the home, 7 years old of twin children of the left and right sides.

Yesterday evening original owner attended to award prize celebration, by all sorts of desolate hind, the small Song Yuan suckling a dog that looks for oneself will abreact.

Then, happened at the moment this one act.

, the family is to teach a god. Arrive here, became teach a dog.

Yan Ge rises helplessly developed a bath, change the dress to prepare to leave, be held in arms suddenly by Song Yuan.

“Do not have bit of thing? Like this whirl, be to come home see that man? Where do I make you dissatisfactory, you said I change well certainly. ” loiter of Song Yuan face the shoulder of loiter character song, of sound tenderness can drip water.

Yan Ge is right the evil gout of original owner, fine long hair is halfhearted. Her retrace sitting room, serious path: “We talk. “We talk..

Song Yuan nods cleverly, sit to Yan Ge on, one pair assumes the look of its assign.

Seem, yan Ge raises what requirement, he can be satisfied one by one.

Yan Ge is learning the about of original owner, cock cross-legged or with ankle on knee, courteous laugh: “I should return to a family sooner or later. So, we are destined to won’t go too far. These year, the money that I give you is not little. How to wear, also do not calculate treat unfairly you.

This house, send you. Our relation, hereto. Hereto..

“I, I do not agree! ” Song Yuan rises sit to Yan Ge beside, had played Yan Ge’s hand, grievance path.

Yan Ge swings his, look at him commandingly, leng Sheng: “It is money does not reach the designated position, the manner that still is me is too tender, let you arise ought not to some illusion? Let you arise ought not to some illusion??

Say, yan Ge wears guaze mask and sunglasses, carry the foot left maritime boarding house.

Did not take a few steps, phone ring rings accordingly.

Yan Ge swept eye remarks: Husband. She has received a telephone call, frown path: “What thing? “What thing??

“Son attack of fever, want to see you. You are in, I go receiving you. ” the phone transmits tenderness that and magnetic male voice.

Familiar sound, song allowing word is stupefied slightly. She explores ask: “Lin Jing? “Lin Jing??

The phone is like that very the word of song of surprise dissenting word. Passed very long, just continue: “It is me. When do you c[……]

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The what that th香港旺角建兴大厦楼凤e 39th chapter installs in your brain?

” the villain in drama that wears a book begged you not to profession to me again ” anonymous and pastoral / , this chapter in all 2101 words, update at: 2021-02-19 12:30

Jiang Yibai blushs with shame silently, mix eat waiting dead to seem is not what good word. Of course, he also dare not express true view.

Yan Gegang starts to talk, by Zhang Wanru a sharp eyes forces retreat.

“You why take things too hard? Ah! Tell me, it is a man not amused, or is those game, novel, drama uninteresting? Was opposite, are you to still have a pair of children? You can play them. ” Zhang Wanru sits to the side of Yan Ge, be able to bear or endure strength persuades.

What does she think of, subdue again cling to: “It is good that don’t we open a firm? That is much tiredder, I lazy dish, help how possibly you. My mom said, we what two this all one’s life play is happy go. Other issue, she can help us do calm. She can help us do calm..

Hear Zhang Wanru’s word, yan Ge, Jiang Yibai can conclude, original owner is abandon oneself to vice, be afraid of is to be done obeisance to likely at the moment this individual place is granted.

Realize financial freedom ahead of schedule, can enjoy life really.

Yan Ge moves toward the side, restrain consider to walk along the person’s impulse, one face is orthochromatic: “I do not need you what to do, just now and then stand to me beside, help me aid boost the morale of. Real issue, myself comes.

You also know, my whats are done not have now, raise Laogong, child even, must thinks a leeway to oneself. Must thinks a leeway to oneself..

“It what money has is good that what money has those who be anxious. My money, it is your money. Here has the card that a few pieces of infinite specified numbers spend, you first go off with plays. ” Zhang Wanru takes out a few pieces of black card, a place of strategic importance arrives in character singer, egg on is worn.

Yan Ge in the hand card replace Zhang Wanru, serious talk: “If you are not willing,calculated. “If you are not willing,calculated..

“Be willing, be willing, 100 thousand are willing. ” Zhang Wanru sees Yan Ge is a little angry, busy call in card, saying a good word.

Last Yan Ge so say, charge recreational group alone with respect to oneself, still must not she helps. The result did a suit injury, downhearted a lot of years. She thought a lot of way, did not let Yan Ge restore once upon a time.

Where dare she let Yan Ge again now a person heads for uncharted territory.

Zhang Wanru mouth sighed gently, hold in the arms case aside back cushion, frown path: “This, I accompany you to still be no good. I accompany you to still be no good..

Yan Ge is stupefied slightly, such dialog, had listened where it seems that.

Ah, she seemed to know the heart of this world virus writtens guarantee.

Her close lightly close lightly mouth, think of some paragraph of not quite happy past event, forced smile path: “Thank. “Thank..

“Our relation, say this word is too unfamiliar was divided. ” the good life that Zhang Wanru thinks of to want to end his, a bit small still sad. But think better of thinks, if can let character song so,cast off previously not happy. Sacrifice at this o’clock, still be worthiness.

She takes a mobile phone, sent a short message to downstair security personnel. Had taken Yan Ge’s arm afresh, laugh: “I let my pa give us a small company, drill first experienced hand how? Drill first experienced hand how??

“Start the thing that does a company, I prepare to give do in vain. ” Yan Ge is not to be at ease only Jiang Yibai, however she uses do sth as a natural sequence.

Zhang Wanru is indifferent to these detail, loose Yan Ge is holding compote in the future in the arms to lie: “Take leave of of company optional location your home too far. I pass two days to be moved near, we two convenient. Nevertheless, which home is what I am necessary to know you live now? Which home is what I am necessary to know you live now??

Resemble them such person, does not have a few fossa, raise a few young men.

Yan Ge bit buccal apple, hint given with the eyes shines, according to the facts: “Dark Yue mansion. “Dark Yue mansion..

She does not have 3 husbands the habit of 4 serve, more do not be good at dealing with these.

Say exactly, in emotional respect besides Lin Jing, she does not think, also do not wish to deal with anybody.

Zhang Wanru is stupefied, be surprised: “Should you live for a long time together with Lin Jing? This is improper. This is improper..


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