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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 4900 words, update at: 2019-06-25 15:13

It is an early morning.

Chu Zhengzhe wakes to go up in the bed early. Shutting an eye to catnap, suddenly, the top of head transmits slight sound, be like a cat half step leap up goes. Then, a leaf falls down to as if, go up in the balcony. Then, balcony lock had sound of sth astir, very fast, "Da " small ring, the built-in lock of structural rigor is opened.

Jing of a heart, in the meantime, he also made reputation secretly " good " . The person did not turn over sit up, a person has appeared beside.

Chu Zhengzhe did not think of the other side is so direct. He is considered must not sleep, the hand is maintained, the person slips continuously continuously piece by the nest. Very closely associated with each other of the other side, blindly follow sb, chu Zhengzhe drilled between two months hill vertical, still did not swing unexpectedly. Finally, shen Anqi sticks him the wall is pinned.

A cardinal tight T-shirt, still calculate conservative V-neck originally, just be maintained a ridges and peaks. Smaller part deep gully is below his eye leather, chu Zhengzhe exerts oneself to do sth. slightly, arm loiter arrived of nondescript full.

As true Tong Nan child, chu Zhengzhe's imposing manner immediately decadent.

Shen Anqi kissed him again, and laughing ask: "Yesterday a day, miss me? Miss me??

The thought in Chu Zhengzhe brain flies turn, intuition wants to say, but, the word arrives by the side of the mouth, become suddenly: "Still, not bad. "Still, not bad..

Shen Anqi hears talk, laughed immediately. She of one's previous experience of the door that confuse footprint, have magic originally, blurred eyes adds plump lip this very enchanting, so come, glamour 4 shoot, chu Zhengzhe fell into enemy hands at a draught.

Lean very nearly they, can be clear about feel the other side.

Chu Zhengzhe never such awkwardness, blush a bright red cloth...

Between the hill of two months even if can not change the rate that acts originally apparently too much. Chase after from Haydn, all the way, chu Zhengzhe goes all out do one's best, still chase after Shen Anqi finally lost. The alley of the suburb, devious and noiseless. He is left look right look, do not have method later, flat hand approach exclaims aloud in mouth edge: "Shen Anqi, Shen Anqi, Shenyang, install, fine jade -- "

"Breathe out " blast passes, chu Zhengzhe thinks Shen Anqi reemerges. But, there is an a nip in the air on the tail of this flatus, some girls are met to fragrance when not be like Shen Anqi to appear. Chu Zhengzhe is dark cry bad, back down hurriedly. But, the person operation of the door that confuse footprint is real too fast, bully of shadow of one spoken parts in an opera is close, head on a Dao Guang.

Soon sharp Bai Ren broke off a face, the moment of truth, live suddenly again however, because, the artifice of white garment teenager of that Xiu making stone is held back energetically by.

Chu Zhengzhe double palm chose one ruler forth, the knife of stone Xiu cannot advance. Chu Zhengzhe takes the advantage of this opportunity on the spot to boil, this ability takes the knife of stone Xiu formally empty. But, a greater power is turned in inclined La, just push in Chu Zhengzhe left shoulder. Chu Zhengzhe still does not have there's still time to stand up, like rectifying an individual to be like cloth pocket, be worn to fall apart several a unit of length continuously. Bone of the whole body after be born is fond of unripely by shake, this still is not a key. The key is, one magnify net was shaken mechanism, abrupt from scatter in the withered Xie Xiasheng with thick ground to rise.

Chu Zhengzhe is tired inside the net.

Gong Mei rares same Shen Anqi at the moment appeared again.

She jumps down from a tree, take large network below.

Thompson asks: "What should do now? "What should do now??

Shen Anqi draws out a gun, aim Chu Zhengzhe.

The muzzle of pitch-dark, deliver the flavor that gives death. Mind of Chu Zhengzhe suddenly one cool. Shen Anqi is in pulled trigger at this moment.

"Sneer -- " an anestetic needle is shot go up personally in Chu Zhengzhe.

Chu Zhengzhe still wants to do struggle finally, paralytic move is very sharp above, his eye breaks up, dizzy in the past.

When waking again, inside the space that he already closed in. Confused, he sees Shen Anqi had changed the clothes of a suit black, sit opposite him.

Shen Anqi places the telephone call that places a hand to go up, say to him: "Control of the Milky way is full the gentleman of wind white wind of information natural resources and network, contact method, do you have? Do you have??

"What do you want to work? " both hands is bound to be on the back of the chair, chu Zhengzhe believes hard, this shows the girl of love to oneself frequently namely.

"Bind you to arrive here come, also be to do it act against one's will. " the thrill through on Shen Anqi's enchanting face is helpless, "You do not think we always linger probably here, and I, also want to prevent the thing that my mom must want to do very much. Also want to prevent the thing that my mom must want to do very much..

"You -- " Chu Zhengzhe has some of hair seized with terror.

"Fierce bound is circulating the Chu Tielong of the Milky way wants to spend result of big the former feminine and negative to must experience the hearsay of node period inside the near future, this thing, do you know? Do you know??

Chu Zhengzhe nods.

"So, you are Chu Tielong's son, you are experienced also this kongfu, the true bogus of this gossip, are you the clearest? Are you the clearest??

Chu Zhengzhe listens more muddleheaded more, do not know how to should say, ability is right!

"I had examined a data, upgrade of result of big the former feminine and negative counts more than 300 years, at that time still does not cry ' result of big the former feminine and negative ' this name, had had a practice really the person of this kongfu, in the circumstance that work force appears to disappear completely inside some a few days. Main because of internal force of yin and yang each other grow, what generation overcomes when the photograph is unripe is contradictory, must let them disappear together, new Xiu Lian restores till work force, the risk that just can avoid sparking so -- say very reasonably, nevertheless, look in me, still be a hearsay only, I incredibly. I incredibly..

"Do then you bind me here what is the purpose that come after all? "Do then you bind me here what is the purpose that come after all??

"I should go interior of the Milky way is investigated, you give me the connection method of gentleman of wind white wind now. You give me the connection method of gentleman of wind white wind now..

Chu Zhengzhe turned over a supercilious look.

Shen Anqi beautiful laughs: "Actually I just want to take the opportunity, expect to be able to see Mr Wu, high mountain gentleman, or, lucky word, see your father directly. " , receive rapidly go down, "Direct now He Chuxian gives birth to a butt joint, he should regard me as necessarily the enemy. Enemy I concern, can make me very difficult mix his lay one's heart bare. But, if I can infiltrate smoothly the Milky way, in the safe system of the Milky way freedom goes, you say the high level of the Milky way that begins from your father, can because I am a girl that does not have too great harm only, be on bad terms not only my dispute, removed cherish instead the heart of ability, be willing to talk about two with me more? Be willing to talk about two with me more??

If Chu Zhengzhe hears an incredible story: "Are you making fun of me when the child? "Are you making fun of me when the child??

Shen Anqi stands up, stand by him, sit on his leg directly. Breath is in only very close, chu Zhengzhe heartbeat is quickened, flame is like blood.

"I had said I like you. " plump and smooth-skinned red lip is by the side of ear, be like,Shen Anqi blows air orchid, "I won't harm you really, just want to solve a problem. Just want to solve a problem..

Chu Zhengzhe is completely muddled: "Anyway, I cannot keep watch connection method of Bai Shu gives you. I cannot keep watch connection method of Bai Shu gives you..

"You also calculate a member of the Milky way, deploy to the safe system of the Milky way and personnel, yourself unexpectedly such self-distrust? Yourself unexpectedly such self-distrust??

"What do you say? " heart of vie eager to do well in everything is ticked off to rise.

"Because fall in my hand easily, fear does your father also can't bear biff so? " Shen Anqi " sneer " the ground laughs, stand up, "Alleged Huadongdi one ace, elite of Xia Guowu bound, it is a blain only so. It is a blain only so..

Chu Zhengzhe face " brush " white.

Shen Anqi goes toward the doorway, he calls her suddenly, after the newspaper gives a string of number, he cannot help gnash: "After hoping you see my father smoothly, won't frighten trousers of proper field make water. Won't frighten trousers of proper field make water..

Shen Anqi does not think beetle, peremptory laugh: "Said early so, not good? " go out, "Dong! " the door is shut in front of Chu Zhengzhe.

Headquarters of the Milky way.

After wind receives Shen Anqi's telephone call in vain, report Chu Tielong for a short while: "The old, young wise man confirms was caught. Young wise man confirms was caught..

Haydn the room of 17 Chu Zhengzhe is ineffable the person goes house is empty, this message lets the breath with unspecified nose of Hunan iron dragon. In uprighting to be able to spend the surround of boxing king and teenager of cold marrow door from eaves at the outset at Chu Zhengzhe escape smoothly, this, chu Tielong also holds fluky mentality.

But, the fact proves, lucky always won't accompany the left and right sides.

With the Yue Heng in assembly room hill takes a table suddenly: "Of Mom, rip turn against to worked to be opposite directly. Refuse to budge is so long, father head grows mould. Father head grows mould..

Rebuke of Wu Ying frown he: "Don't you want so actuation also good? The door of the jail has so sweet, you so want to go back look? Say must low mediate managed. Say must low mediate managed..

Chu Tielong asks wind is white: "What condition did the other side open? "What condition did the other side open??

"She should arrive here come remittent go completely. "She should arrive here come remittent go completely..

Laoyue is very open-eyed: "What do this calculate? Come here, ramble park? Ramble park??

"You a moment ago said, arrest young wise man, be Shenyang swallow branch that just daughter of 18 years old? " deep voice of Hunan iron dragon interrupts noisy.

Wu Ying asks: "The old, what do you think of? What do you think of??

Frown of Hunan iron dragon ponders, quite a while just says: "I also do not know she wants what to do after all. But, if this is the condition that puts a person, " carry soon wind is white, "You reply immediately she: Can! Can!!

Whole by day, of company of the Milky way remittent, still follow the prescribed order. 5:30, next time arrive. Day is diligent personnel brushs card to come off work in succession. Company of so big the Milky way, pull brake to close report, mix besides information center general manager is exclusive floor, in flooding the darkness in progressively advent entirely.

A very common taxi stops in the alley next door child mouth, the dress dust coat, Shen Anqi that carrying a tag comes up and down from the car.

She will be certain the decipher art of degree, but, very apparent, the safe entrance guard of the Milky way is different from completely in former days the mobile phone of Miss He Ningxi. Try bos, her instead dials the mobile telephone with white wind directly: "Wind gentleman, I arrived. I arrived..

Chu Tielong sits in wind white on the side, see the consult look that wind casts in vain, nod.

Wind scans immediately in vain human body parameter of Shen Anqi, the data after 10 seconds uploads.

The electronic noise with gate euphonic and pleasant mouth rises: "The member that the system mies wife, welcome to enter. Welcome to enter..

The gate is opened, shen Anqi is entered smoothly.

This is an interior is decorated and other office building is done not have how old discriminative building. After elevator regains electric power, take Shen Anqi the floor that to any she wants to arrive, shen Anqi did not discover unusual. It is the check that office a group of things with common features needs to be faced with everyday completely, she had not been experienced personally, when watching TV, had seen. 30 a bit special, only two exceed big room, one is decorated the flatlet that has both into office and life, one has all sides wall in vain, inside absolutely empty. 31, 32 are field of practice martial arts, differentiate to wait for area for appliance, bare-handed fistfight, secret service had come off work, place is swabbed neatly by logistics employee with the tool, put shipshapely.

33, 34 are a blank completely, dusky, did not brush even the wall.

Shen Anqi stands in elevator, two very be in a daze.

Below the attention of the person such as Chu Tielong, two, shen Anqi still chose finally to press close key.

Elevator continues to go up, 35 are secret service data collect an area, wind says in vain: "Be very sorry, shenyang young lady, here safe level is very high, I put in you without attributive. I put in you without attributive..

Those who visit 36 is advanced receive a visitor area, shen Anqi suddenly feels some are disappointed.

Return first floor, she looks again later, walk into elevator suddenly again, come to 30. Handle official bussiness in that collect and lingered a few minutes in the office that the life is an organic whole, after coming out, she this ability leaves.

Lock up Chu Zhengzhe's place.

Chu Zhengzhe is closing an eye, considering an issue hard. Antecedents of his result of big the former feminine and negative extremely not common, node period had not listened of what however, but, have a state, violet blue personally and he has been carried.

Be by the small secret service of hematic shadow hall people those who use the trap box up that sealed flue that, intuition of violet La Ping finds him, when drawing out a penknife to cut flue, at that time just Xiaozhengzhe of 89 years old, bend over to follow mouth illusion in hole edge: "Father's younger brother, if internal force is OK sharp like the knife good, so, such little game, won't box up I. won't box up I..

Violet blue say: "You had drilled result of big the former feminine and negative, attain when entering sublimity, shade is the result that can achieve you say a soft that. Shade is the result that can achieve you say a soft that..

"True? "True??

"Be. " violet blue cut off flue, hold Xiaozhengzhe in the arms come out.

Violet La Shu never has taught him the method of sharp of internal force melt into, can be this, his have to escapes from here.

Result of big the former feminine and negative, just as its name implies, true power cent is yin and yang two, but, all along Yang Jin is given priority to, yin Jin is complementary, besides soft toughness of the power that can increase oneself to atttack and body law, also do not have other effect system to had come out now.

Out is heard in ear faint transmit sound of sth astir.

Far, eaves spends boxing king Thompson to give out big growl, then, it is an electric current it seems that conduct " grow grow " sound, then, it is the sound that grows a knife to give scabbard.

The cold marrow art of stone Xiu drills very well, often give a knife, inevitable meeting brings cold air. Dao Shengxian is intermittent be in noisy, rise thick and fast then, later, rate is slow come down.

Nose danger stands by Chu Zhengzhe, heart the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen is urgent unceasingly, the artifice loosens abruptly however.

Also do not know how cord is cut off, he at once on unlock foot tie a string. Open the door little, this ability discovers, here is a field storehouse formerly. Below every bits of bit starlight, hold the stone Xiu of flying Xue Dao, confronting each other with 3 people.

Those 3 people, having two is twin, appearance almost exactly like, the mark cent of a lightning lists the left and right sides -- they are for a long time also do not have the Zun Hua in Xia Guolou face Shi Ran, with right break Shi Huan.

Another, it is at hand of duke of Wei of afterwards of wash one's hair besides Jin Zhichang, very capable confidential -- Shi Jun.

Oneself of Shi Ran Shi Huan carries small electricity, cope with the person that takes weapon to prevail particularly. The flying Xue Dao of stone Xiu calls them to be in an unfavorable situation not small, the palm to the artifice frost, the lightning label that carries oneself natively also is cheated ashen. Nevertheless, stone Xiu by them two besiege, ceaseless by electrical shock, more afflictive to extremely.

In the meantime, on stone army hand two snickersnee also make stone Xiu be wounded in fight not little. This person 18 capture hand level admirable, enginery point of fall, not be articulatory, it is crucial point.

Accordingly, stone Xiu fluctuates all over and do not have how much big cut, but actually, hold back him on outlet constrainedly, at the moment carries a sword loath already.

Shi Ran says to Shi Jun: "Killed this boy to get. "Killed this boy to get..

Shi Jun blocks him.

Shi Jun says to stone Xiu: "If boy of Hunan iron Long Jiana is here, you give me him. You give me him..

Stone Xiu does not answer, pair of hand handholding hilt that tremble ceaselessly, flying Xue Dao is mirrorring starlight, raise again come.

Shi Jun nods: "You this is to propose a toast not to eat, should eat be made to drink as a forfeit. " made to Shi Ran, Shi Huan a hint given with the eyes, that is twin two intention are interlinked, neat neat and go up.

People flash, the Chu Zhengzhe that escapes from storehouse bars inter.

"Phut! "Phut!!

It is firstborn calf really!

Cross Chu Zhengzhe him flatter oneself that closes behead general to give a control with all one's strength all the way on teenage wushu contest, even if indispose wins victory, also can will before these two people that take lightning bid force smoothly stop.

Two burning hot electric current are connected only and come unexpectedly, arm immediately hemp, then muscle contracts automatically, he does an individual subliminal in the future multiplied a tumble.

Shi Ran Shi Huan is pushed so that in the future removed one condition however.

Chu Zhengzhe heart palpitant, body law does not have a palm to had accused, after breaking up, the waist has not enough time to give power, whole person " bang Da " drop go up.

The palm one cool, that piece of face gives stone Xiu on the side of now.

"Go quickly! "Go quickly!!

Chu Zhengzhe returns there's still time to want then, begin to catch up with.

On the side of Shi Huan of Shi Ran of stone army course: "Chase after quickly! "Chase after quickly!!

5 people, two advanced, 3 after, begin long-distance race.

Shi Jun runs at the same time, made a telephone call at the same time: "See an end, it is Home Chu Tielong that boy. The person of cold marrow door is taking him. Two people walk very quickly, I had done my best! I had done my best!!

Wind " breathe out breathe out " noisy, the scenery goes backwards ceaselessly beside.

Stone Xiu cut is shedding blood, actually the movement is insusceptible also. It is Chu Zhengzhe catchs a glimpse of his complexion is greyer and greyer, the footstep comes down gradually slow.

Stone Xiu is a little angry: "What do you do? "What do you do??

Chu Zhengzhe is panting: "Your injury -- "

Shi Jun is in exceed them at this moment, bar in outlet. Rear, it is cankered, the historian brother that fleer approachs.

The future was not predicted, chu Zhengzhe is honest not reconciled to, ask stone Xiu: "After all why? Catch me, should help me again? Should help me again??

Stone Xiu is cold hum, whats did not say, prop up flying Xue Dao high to be broken off forth. This one knife, all cold marrow that condensed him to be able to make come out are true force, the air instant that carry is caky Cheng Baixue, wrap blow on the face of nip cold wind and go.

Regrettablly is, this one knife, touch got on additionally one to grow a knife. Freeze the other side in his cold marrow art before rising, on his face, go up personally, limb, be in entirely produce much place chap instantly.

These breach, long and thin and deep, the red meat that laughs is like the mouth that the child laughs continuously.

Blood, crossed ability reaction a little while to come over, "Gurgle " pour out of like spring. The algidity on flying Xue Dao disappears immediately, stone Xiu abandons a knife, grow directly.



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