The agreement of preexistence of the 10th chapter

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The agreement of preexistence of the 10th chapter

So what kind of drag in is the dream before Shen Meiyu and Bai Yi?

It is the predestined relationship of preexistence, or this life is destined.

That dream comes from at very long a long time ago, she in those days is fresh, make public, not obedient. And he is tender, pretty, chatter however.

"Issueing Yi Bai, photograph of many thanks girl is saved. " white garment of man all over the body, clean garment was stained with bloodstain on gown.

"Need not many thanks, childe can want to remember paying a debt of gratitude, aperture old master has said, finding pleasure to help others need get one's own back. " the woman wears a red clothes, bright pupil is taking trifling make public.

White easy corners of the mouth is smoked, this is unidentified placing those who taking a purpose to help a person.

"You also need not open-eyed, the other people's business of average person I still distain to be in charge of, childe good good luck, childe also need not be worn urgently pay a debt of gratitude, I can search you oneself, how I still am written down so that childe surnames Bai Mingyi. " smile of woman corners of the mouth is thicker, it is good to think idea of this white home son of a feudal prince or high official is simple originally deceive, favour, still have bit of head.

Bai Yi: ? Ah ? ? ?

Why other people hits his ins and outs well? He is considering the past history of this girl, family equestrian run quickly, splashed him... a suit is turbid.

This girl exceedingly... bold and unconstrained.

He lives together in Luoyang and uncle as a child, father incoming letter is received before a few months, let him return the capital of a country, his idea is simple, never still had wanted to be able to draw on a fatal disaster. Have that girl fortunately, although she... do not beg somewhat.

Prime minister government office

"Father. " he is not salty not thin line sentence. Tell the truth, he is done not have with this father really how old feeling, but he knows ascendancy of current prime minister is monstrous, under one person over 10 thousand people. He is prime minister alone child, pardonable meeting has so much person to want to kill him.

"Easy, do not want to let you be immersed in imperial court dispute for male parent, wanting to cross return to one's native place of some of official of time take leave again originally, with your mother together, wait for beside you, how to enjoy old age. But... " there is a surname of a firm in prime minister eye.

"The interest of my drag in is too much, they won't let my pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others. Easy, the aim below the emperor is granted marriage, want to give you 5 princesses betroth. " one face looks at prime minister in feudal China heavily oneself son.

"Father need not embarrass, I am married is. " Bai Yi objects, anyway he does not have a room already, also do not have Zhongyi's person, was inferior to satisfying an emperor old intention.

"Are you willing really? " although prime minister is not in for years beside the son, but still can set out with the son's apiration, if he does not wish, although build,go up he also won't subdue prime minister government office oneself son.

"The son is willing. " white Yi Xin thinks, do not surprise hard into this 5 princesses ugly clinking, does father Your Excellency so avoid not as good as?


It is night.

White Yi Zheng is in bath, feel a pair suddenly back became much... the woman's hand. The his not self-conscious female ghost story that remembers young nephew is told to oneself, can'ted help hitting cold quiver. "Girl... girl spare sb's life, falling to read conscientiously from pee, docile goodness, never had done grossly unjust business, girl there's no one who doesn't or isn't is to look for a fault bad luck fetch... "

The woman can'ts help laughing at phonate, "Want to be less than childe of formidable prime minister in feudal China, current the maiden husband of 5 princesses unexpectedly so recreant? " white and fine hand is built was in on the man's shoulder.

"You say, for what is my girl home is coming? " the woman stands by Bai Yi, in him side side is breathing out to enrage, those who laugh is ambiguous.

"Girl, there's no one who doesn't or isn't is, want disaster look? " Bai Yi thinks, although oneself grew bursa of a pair of good skin, but home of unapt also girl accomplishs such room for action.

"The girl still goes back first, you already knew I am the maiden husband of 5 princesses already, ought to maintain a distance with me... " harp wears Bai Yi, want to use " justice " penitentiary this girl. The raise on woman corners of the mouth, alas, this person word but really much, not, good, play.

Bai Yi feels woman breath already went, just sighed slightly, the heart thinks, not bad oneself are full the book that read a poem, told trifling truth to give that girl just now, most propbably she benefits a lot, this ability... let off oneself to stop.

After 3 months, big marriage.

Big marriage that evening, stood easily in bedside to begin him again in vain " inculcate " , "The princess already married me already, no matter the princess is fine-looking,still be deformed, I one's whole life won't lose a princess, also ask a princess to be at ease... "

5 princesses feel immediately neck deadlocked ache, break his word at once, "The husband should lift lid head. " some hair press the face when white Yi Du, gently poked lid head, next, what he blushs is fiercer.

Not be 5 princesses grow uglily, also not be city of 5 princesses peerlessly beautiful bend, just... she is to go up a woman that helps him. Some are embarrassed when white Yi Du, dehisce asks, "Original girl is 5 princesses! Still ask a princess to tell to falling, how should pay a debt of gratitude? How should pay a debt of gratitude??

Princess brows is carried, pull the person the bed to go up, the unlock clothes that care nothing, "Nature is made with body photograph. "Nature is made with body photograph..

Bai Yi's face red a lot of, "Although we are husband and wife, princess or missish place are good, this bed thing... "

The woman stemmed impatiently Bai Yi's mouth, "Husband word but really much, you or province dot effort, be careful I let you do not issue a bed. Be careful I let you do not issue a bed..

Bai Yi: ? Ah ? ? ?

After marriage the 3rd year, below princess birth one child.

"Madam, madam, slow dot runs, be the person that becomes a woman. How to return so coarse... " the woman is holding a son in the arms, running between the courtyard, bai Yi is being chased after. She grouses saw oneself son, his husband fools around together with dot all the day, a flavor is not very in the heart. Is she to eat son vinegar?

"I no matter, bai Yi, you forbade to sleep one case with the son again tonight... " the shallow laugh that what the woman is leading a have one's way.

Bai Yi mouth sighed slightly, he feels that he must be gotten tonight well preach to her homiletic, jump over greatly more not sensible.

"Husband, do I tell you a secret... want to know? " woman logy looks at Bai Yi, playing his finger. Like that, bai Yi shakes his head, "Madam, I do not want to know. I do not want to know..

Shen Meiyu: ? Ah ? ? ?

"Madam, hurt a body much more secretly, truth tells you, I return the capital of a country encountered a female ghost in the evening that day... " the woman looks at the Bai Yi that dash along, corners of the mouth is smoked, should she tell him that to the woman is her?

Well ~ calculated, if said, this ask for a favor of his home husband should begin bewitching again...

She attacks the person, in: of low Nan of his side side? ? of amine Yin ? bows with hands clasped to Xi dream cheek to cut Ping ? encouraging Guo melt Tao Huang grand! Low Zi Zi melt does Lin of male of car ? ǖ say Kun punishs man of ? source ? to steal ? of Sui of ? of You of porcelain of eye jab silk?

The following day, white easy face became black black, "Madam, admonish for the husband how much did you all over, the woman wants missish... "

Some one face that female laugh is harmless, "Don't you also like quite? " the man blushed red, planning to seek an opportunity again homiletic and homiletic.

She won't tell him, from see him at the beginning, she is opposite him promise, this is unripe be not him to be not married, although she thinks her husband nagging,condemn a woman, but these she loves, because of a such men with simple idea, there is her only in the eye one person, foolish lovely.

Had passed fifty years old them already descendants full hall, with full happiness. She compares his predecease, mortal before she still is hanging joking laugh " husband ah, next all one's life should remember, will look for me first. I wait for you below. " he does not say to give a word for the first time, the mouth that then Zhang Ting does not come down also is being shut closely, tear slides soundlessly, he thinks, leave all one's life, he can find her first certainly. Next time, let him protect her.

This two people wrap up bag to turn or went one case, "Approach a surname, you say, do they issue generation to still be met so lucky? " the man's nice eyebrow is pursy, "Next their generation, even very long. " approach a surname answers.

"Then she also should appear. " approach a surname is grasping a fist, he can wait.

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