Sentiment of the seventeenth market Ji Yading bay

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Come 3 years the warship that Li Xiaoya sets foot on the motherland for the first time, it is the appearance ten years ago no longer, what she is used to is deep breathe out next breath, be free from anxiety in times feeling heart, to the with high respect with deep ensign, small cry come out: "The motherland, I love you " .

Young soldiers flock come out: "The sea, it is water completely " .

The recruit class of small belt, the student arms of 12 youthful energy, chen Qian exerts oneself to do sth. the Xiao Ya below the hug: "Elder sister people, are you done not have how old ah? " .

"Do not be troubled by, note figure " .

A body holds the post of brigade commander, a body holds deputy director general concurrently, still fight noisely euqally like the girl, they apart of this take leave of 5 years long, meet without the opportunity besides video of all when at a loose end.

Discharge is very condolatory goods and materials, sister two sit on fore.

"Girl, close self-invited and occupied? , say " .

"Ah, slick way, think you be no good? " , xiao Ya is smiling to play the hand of boudoir honey.

"I can be guessed, lei Can and Gu Yu thing, on the bank resounding temporarily, can I know you are her elder brother's wife? " .

"Have nothing to do, I like this quite of little girl, won't embarrassed she, all right, dry one's proper business, this individual, be Tong Le? " .

Chen Qian takes out computer, "Man " very martial and magnificent, the fleshy flesh like the ox, holding smoke of heavy snow eggplant to stand on tanker.

"Present? , not be for certain, if resemble a few years ago " .

"How to say? " .

"See me, 5 minutes, remember Tong Mei not? , very resemble " , chen Qian has seen Tong Mei, it is she accepts the child home everybody that arrest in those days.

"What? , you say Tong Le " , gush of Chen Qian within an inch of comes out, brush the fruit juice that brushs corners of the mouth, big Jing says: "Really metamorphic " .

"What, not " .

Xiao Ya some feel embarrassed, press the face of next big brigade commander, sister two embrace recumbent hum rise " of Cang Ying love " .

They are being sung " of Cang Ying love " spent junior time, look at " The Hague guards battle " entered army brigade profession.

"To time, go assembly room " .

Lei Can saw in naval ships assembly room, small see they come in, carrying computer to sit to across is low head, chen Qian pats clap to: "Good, each captain of a naval ship, report a case, k country citizenship tanker, we suspect the base that is them, this person is not fox A plunges into snow, but the burgee that hang does not have a holiday, according to international gumshoe bulletin, it is 48 hours ago, he has appeared here, the target may be it is us " .

"Either, not my elder brother, not be for certain " .

Everybody sees Xiang Guyu, she no matter these call rapidly,also say: "Elder brother, elder brother, are you over there? , I am Gu Yu " .

"Be in the home? , think elder brother? " .

"Little gab, talk well, I ask you, do you have brother to be in inferior Ding Wan? " .

"Inferior Ding Wan! , not be a direction, how? " , tong Le replies gravely, say again: "You ah, geography did not learn from good examples, my security personnel company is in Mediterranean, oh " , tong Le pats cerebral door to say aloud: "You see Hei Long, chunk " .

"To be opposite, chunk head, with your appearance " , gu Yu goes photograph hair.

"Ah, this boy " .

"What person is he? " , chen Qian sends mobile phone signal into communication terminal to ask.

"Ah, alizarin red, hello " .

"Talk " , li Xiaoya eyebrow tightens a lock, examine minutely in a stern voice: "He follows us all the time form into columns, he is what person " .

"Company of resources of black dragon military affairs " .

Tong Le appears in video, long hair waves wave a pair of clear Dan Feng eyes, skin white , face extremely sister of bifurcation resembling dawn.

" ... "

Chen Qian bends over to go up in the table with what Li Xiaoya laughs, place to everybody again subsequently place a hand to listen to Tong Le to say: "You can have a trouble, go checking check form into columns in have do not have a nucleus to guide of and so on, hei Long is not pirate, he is a terrorist " .

"Good " .

Chen Qian is decorated go down, want to laugh again, than saying below equalize: "Hey, that belle, is this Hei Long that you say mixed how you so picture? " .

"Of face-lifting, he also has participated in that to assist, the martial orgnaization that just builds later, he, he has what objective certainly, I this is checked with respect to the announcement guess connection him " .

Captain of a naval ship people discuss a little while, they are not to understand Tong Le, the troops of navy spy warfare of before Chen Qian a few years of transfer, not be to be the same as war zone, lei Can also is not familiar with more hear of only have so " denounce come " the military affairs is advisory, seeing today is a pretty woman really.

Lunch eats on 507 naval vessel, chen Qian also pays no attention to Lei Can, take everything into one's own hands answers the Gu Yu that wants to: "Does dry what go? , sit down, have a meal " .

"Religion, v/arc drillmaster " , gu Yu wants awkwardly dead.

"You still know! , see face of your elder sister excuse you, forbid to have a sentiment " , chen Qian is cold face says the word of warm heart, xiao Ya places a potato to say then: "Work well, performance is good today, did you say your elder brother resembles me how? " .

"You forgot, my brother has said, you are his lifetime care, rectified " .

"Unlike, tong Mei, yes, still have Tong Bo, resemble " , xiao Ya solilo-quize, face about asks: "Contact this individual, I should know afloat goes before Tong Le, check guess did not tell the truth " .

Direct room, communication implement transmit sound.

Commander in chief says: "2 steamer broke away from Annie 4:7 this morning form into columns, do not contact, 10 when 25 minutes of this boats enter our radar in 25 degrees, headquarters command, special battle group alls alone immediately fall ascend a boat, control in the round to this steamer, have evidential proof, unidentified citizenship armed element also is in draw close to this annulus " .

Chen Qian takes a team to board the plane, xiao Ya sees eye helicopter driver, gu Yu is smiling to her salute.

The girl is old, xiao Ya sighs, saw that great team leader, shake again shake solilo-quize: "What she likes is Tong Le, resemble at that o'clock? " .

Chen Qian is opposite tell in say: "Set out " .

Right now, somalia direction has hundreds cockboat to sail urgently to accident maritime space again, and hurried is gradual much, more and more fisher also are being stood by, gu Yu helicopter falls firmly to go up in board, what can see that black is giant " battleship " .

Install Ni date captain to report to Chen Qian, what engine damages is very serious, personal classics waved along with ocean current 4 hours, radio desertions because of electric power also invalidation, banned article is done not have more on the boat.

False alarm, but " Hei Long " bugle call is closer and closer, can look clear " snow fox " banner.

The battle is in 0 morning 2 when hit, the other side employed heavy fire, helicopter along with 4 team member, gu Yu and unit staff develop big sea mile, break couplet.

Early morning, battle the Chen Qian team of one night says to command center report: "The other side ascends a boat without constituent take by storm, mew date rear gets shot, ask an organization to come to help " .

"I am before point to, sea Ou Hao personal classics of 6 team member is rescued, plumelet breaks couplet, your ministry holds to 2 hours again, assist personal classics to set out " , anxious all night the commander drank one dock-glass water, stormy night is deep-sea cannot assault, chen Qian element fully defence seventeen hours.

Xiao Ya puts on equipment, staring at big screen, unmanned aircraft is perambulatory be in " mew " wreck area, impatient if wring, if this gives what accident how to can be explained to Tong Le.

Group of quadruplet spy battle arrives designate sea area, discover " Hei Long " the armed personnel on date also is defense position, and somebody calls a flag signal.

"Look not to understand, what do they say? " , before Chen Qian asks, point to.

"Flag signal is not standard, etc " , lei Can is opposite tell in say: "This is fox language, ask them the identity " .

"Report, he says is team of snow fox convoy, asking us is what identity " .

"What? , convoy team, snow fox, the warship that does not know us? , played one night " , chen Qian reports a center, see several of all kinds ships are stood by, "Hei Long " number raised peaceful flag, cockboat leaves come over.

Their recognize the army emblem on the person such as Chen Qian.

Fore of station of great stature black dragon cries with big horn: "Gentlemen, I am snow fox, why do you atttack sacred child, hei Long is very grouchy, great anguish " .

Their weaponry is excellent, if take by storm is sequential very serious.

"Alizarin red, tell him, small pigeon inquire for he, let him go aboard, you tell him again, of snow fox play two hair how to be hit, are you still written down? , hit him to look, he can be believed, special is a bedlamite "

Xiao Ya sits helicopter, watch the screen that searchs Gu Yu again.

The little sister must not give a thing.

She ability is 22 years old.



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