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New book of La Yu is to publish at long last, this " the window of life " wrote La Yu when becoming war correspondent, fly violently in that chaos caused by war the knowledge place of country thinks.

These days are busy publication issue, la Yu is too busy attend to beauty and Su Na. When receiving beautiful telephone call, la Yu is really good energy of life is touched again.

"Your how old person ah, so childish still! " although La Yu's mood is a little angry, but feel tender feelings is full however.

"Now is not when scolding me, the arrow has been on bowstring, quickly quickly! Quickly quickly!!

"Good, I contact every friend inside the bound immediately, write plan immediately, you also send me the material quickly " . La Yu also begins to light is mixed urgently concern rises.

Across, below the policeman's harmony, ji Yanqiu finally to Ling Xue apology, the insurance course that goes normal undertakes compensate pays. Meaning of dark contented of approach Xue Xinli, "Are you a moment ago very aggressive? "Are you a moment ago very aggressive??

Look at the appearance of Ji Yanqiu cease all activities, ling Xue's victory feels bouncing and go out.

"You won. " Ji Yanqiu was laughing to get on a car with Lin Hang.

Is there some of lose however in the heart after the car on Ling Xue -- the look that how she lost to still feel quite glad? Ling Xue is faint feel something wrong interest, specific where is not right her also cannot say comes.

This just arrived in the evening, ji Yanqiu and approach snow become network a favourite by sb in power already quickly.

Each are big press reports this farce in succession:

"Times spelling dad ends, times spelling Mom comes! Times spelling Mom comes!!

"*** and rich the rich of 2 generation weichis! "*** and rich the rich of 2 generation weichis!!

"The belle spells Mom in the street, who is occupied on peak? Who is occupied on peak??

*** in the street cruel dozen of belle is rich 2 generation


The video that Ling Xue and Ji Yanqiu quarrel, before the hit on the net and transmit rate develop hot search unexpectedly 3.

As video explode red, ji Yanqiu and approach snow also are gathered up in succession skin.

When Ling Tao and Wen Qi see news, its development is not them any more can pilot. And Ling Tao, see Ji Yanqiu when that piece of face, it is to calm hard more in the heart -- this woman, be last does Mr. Li introduce that her wife? At the moment he just realizes he is by person calculate, it is he wants to be less than his to be met by calculate probably only He Chenmin's thing is concerned, this cannot live from commit a sin really!

Old day has an eye this word is in was this to get best test and verify really in incident.

Also be Ling Tao probably at ordinary times antagonize is too much, very fast, with respect to somebody faceless the illegal behavior that informs against evade taxation of evade taxes of presence of Ling Tao company, and, charity is done to return before Ling Tao " cheat is contributed " over- , anonym still provided clear evidence.

And Wen Qi, also was gathered up because of this incident a De Chaotian -- the issue that she takes ** project to give Ling Tao the company; She arranges kin to arrive the thing of pay of basic unit territorial air; The thing that Ling Xue reads college mark to move shelf line to give birth to abnormality to be enrolled with sports specialty however not quite...

Of course, the father of Zhang Jie and Ji Yanqiu also was gathered up to come out, but fortunately two people are the person with honest style, the employee of Zhang Jie company still jumps out to talk for Zhang Jie, saying is Zhang Jie certainly too busy unwary the certainly to the daughter.

Of Jiyan autumn father still be being gathered up to go out in person is to commit suicide in those days the police that helps a person.

News, zhang Jie stands quickly to apologize to the masses, say oneself are opposite at the general affairs of the company at ordinary times the daughter is scanty at management, established bad common practice this, father certainly after her impose surelysubject sb to discipline.

Ji Yanqiu also recorded apologetic video, show oneself the mood is bad that day to also driving time really, bring about the sentiment that did not dominate oneself good, she already special regretted, everybody does not want the appeal to learn like her.

Ling Xue although also stand,apologized at the same time, but she gathers a crowd in the university after the thing of affray is gathered up to come out, the people is main it is in condemn she, it is informal to say those who become an officer to Ling Xue ought not to battle the mother is start work dozen of person, this is not to lay a person for the first time, indeed beyond the mark. Plus explode the data that give is when saying Ling Xueping with respect to pamper rampant, and Ji Yanqiu is to taste however at ordinary times learn to hold actor concurrently, scolding official and *** public opinion is lean to one side more.

Look at a plan to develop in the direction that pressing them to expect, the heart that beauty is hanging is to fall at long last. She phones Qiu Layu of season wild goose and Su Na, chase love to meet fortunately about.

"Thank blue sky ah " ! Beauty is seeing Ji Yanqiu go up instantly held her in arms.

Su Na and La Yu are smiling to look at two people by.

"This, wen Qi and Ling Tao calculate did not turn over hard also to death! " Ji Yanqiu is saying, hear a string of footstep to stop in their doorway however, transmit Dong Dong Dong next knock sound.

Arrival is Wen Qi actually.

"Everything is your plan is good " , wen Qi without preamble.

"It is me, they just help me just. " beautiful respecting.

"Why? " Wen Qi is to indissoluble very.

"Because you injured the person that I love most, still let his within an inch of lose a leg! " it is very furious that beauty says to return.

La Yu looks at the appearance of beautiful life, there is He Nengneng of him He De to get beauty in the heart such love ah!

" because of him? Ah, another madwoman person! "Wen Qi looks at La Yu, smile a thin smile say: "Is the man that you love to want to know the fact all the time? Then I tell you. Then I tell you..

Look of article fine jade is orthoptic La Yu: "Chen Min is not the suicide really, also she does not kill Wang Jing. Completely I am arranged. It is the presence that I tell Wang Jing Chen Min, it is I employ a person to harm Chen Min with Wang Jing's name. My detection of Chen Min pure with ignorance, I am minatory she, I let her drive away Wang Jing, otherwise the business that I can allow whole university campus to know her, I think old man of fishing of sandpiper mussel conflicting gets benefit. But, although,I did not think of I by every means create difficulties for sb, these two women did not leave his meaning however, saying is for fund it may not be a bad idea, to love it may not be a bad idea. So, I begin to become aggravated to the ground is annoyed and browbeat Chen Min, mistreated she and Wang Jing to become a kind of my joy it seems that. After be in and making a noise of Ling Tao greatly, I also am random intelligence, at ordinary times he touchs a flower to offend grass I open an eye to shut an eye to also go, can be opposite unluckily these two women, he does not have join in the fun on occasion however, maintained long relationship however. I ask who he loves after all, he tells me he loves clear simple goodness of Chen Min, also love the 100 fawn on of 1000 charming with static king. That momently I am about mad! I love the man of the move greatly all the time, at the moment, tell me he is loving other woman however, still be two people! Since he destroyed my love to him with one's own hands, I also destroyed his love! It is I let Chen Min look for Wang Jing, I still sent a person to follow her, it is I let Chen Min give Ling Tao to call before Wang Jing, let him make a choice between them, the person that is me struck at Wang Jing with aquarium into the door, it is I call tell Ling Tao Chen Min calls to her a little while remember recording, the person that is me coerces Chen Min makes last electrify word to Ling Tao, tell Ling Tao she made very big mistake, she can leave only now. But the thing that the brawl of Chen Min and Wang Jing is themselves, also herself says those words that say to love him in Chen Min phone. Hum, this girl also is foolish. My person gets Chen Min's loops and whorls on a finger to aquarium, cleared again the trace that shows a place to have his. Of course, the thing later, return those who have a lot of others to help for certain. Return those who have a lot of others to help for certain..

"That is two life! " Ji Yanqiu furious distress.

"Am I life? I am real person! Do they grab my husband to had cared about my feeling? The bedside person with deep so old love however personally tells you he loves others, do you know this has much anguish? Do you know this has much anguish??

Ji Yanqiu is stupefied aside, she feels to want to laugh to want to cry again, this Chen Min loves the man of the move greatly, keep on saying is saying to love her, but he is so called love simply too funny. Since Wen Qi calls let his recording, so what he knows Chen Min certainly is dead with him wife is concerned, but he also knows certainly, his wife fell, the interest of he and his company, also meet disastrous. So, is he just met conscience is impassable and give the family of Chen Min and Wang Jing a large sum of money?

" are you afraid that we give a police your word recording. " La Yu respecting, the reason that Su Na saw Wen Qi comes this it seems that however by, all the time silent does not make a sound.

" be afraid of won't come. I now already suspend sb from his duties, above is investigating me. Nevertheless you also are fastened too complacent, except above should do me early of purpose, your plan is impossible also so downwind downstream " .

Respecting of article fine jade hits upon however in here eye tear, mood becomes suddenly also dark and distress: "The fault that I make is already too much, be not worth cherish to death. Can be my daughter, she does not have a fault really, probably her only faults spread out namely went up me so mom. I hope you are not checked again, this law case already end a case, I also had received penalty, the daughter that does not let me is borne on the bad name of lifetime and burden. Beg you " .

Here abrupt genuflect come down.

Ji Yanqiu did not think of this year of woman of nearly 50, this ferial li of woman to others order people by gesture, at the moment however genuflect was in before them.

"Beg you, if you feel big to Chou Wei signs up for, I can take medical suicide, but the mom that does not let my daughter become a murderer " .

At the moment Wen Qi, it is an official no longer, also not be a convict, is a mother only.

"I do not have a law to promise you. State-owned national law, the home has a plan, made law nature should get legal punish. Because ability was done not have to give this a bad plan in the planted agent of police station,you also are. " La Yu respecting.

"The tiger falls smooth this world by canine bully, everybody is worn urgently now and I cast aside clear impact. I know, day net extensive is scanty and do not leak, check again, my thing wants to disclose for certain. Below the circumstance that still can look for you so in me, I spelled a life to also be willing rich. Beg you, I can commit suicide, true meeting... " Xiang Layu move entered Wen Qi on bended knees a bit.

At the moment, ji Yanqiu and beauty, still have Su Na, the heart had a bit to shake, this is the dream with an ultimate mother.

"My meeting gives police station all data that I collect, how to judge as to police station, how to handle, I also do not have right bother about. " La Yu or sturdy respecting, "And, I think, the daughter that lets you takes bit of suffering, pain getting a point, let her always writing down her to should do a what kind of person, to her may not is an evildoing " .

"My commit a sin ah... " painful resound of Wen Qi is in whole room...

*** is rich the line of sight that the heat of 2 acting news lasted to exit everybody slowly one week later. This society, forgetting always is easier than remembering.

Su Na, beautiful, la Yu, ji Yanqiu this god-given a suit gets together gently was in chase love -- La Yu's book is to publish at long last, chase love to also did not accept new law case.

What Su Na feels unprecedented is relaxed and comfortable, her walking took out her best tea lightly from the cabinet.

"I today personally make tea is drunk to you " , su Na is laughing.

"Be good! I am to drink coffee nearly most, had not drunk good tea for ages. " beauty is laughing.

La Yu sees beauty also laugh accordingly: "Beautiful woman of sit back and wait makes fine tea! "Beautiful woman of sit back and wait makes fine tea!!

"My make tea technology also good, be not Su Na elder sister? " Ji Yanqiu is tooting the mouth.

"Be be be " .

3 people open josh of a person's mind to wear.

Can have not waited for water to be burned, heard Dong Dong Dong knock sound.

Ji Yanqiu scamper about must run to open the door, opened the door to see a Tong Xin that she never has seen however.

See him only double eye is aglow, a stubbly beard, look slack.

"You how? " Ji Yanqiu is asked about anxiously.

Tong Xin did not talk, moved toward beautiful direction directly however.

What beauty had noticed Tong Xin is unusual, rising move toward him.

Tong Xin just approached beautiful, one held her in arms, tear seizes the socket of eye and go out next: "My elder sister was done not have... "

Ji Yanqiu sees an old man is in what cry before others to cannot be restrained so for the first time.

Original, tong Xin's elder sister died in abroad.

Ji Yanqiu does not know how to should comfort him, because of at her character, his elder sister is a person that have not seeks a range only, and at him, it is the closest person however. His anguish, she can experience the likelihood nevertheless extremely one of.

Beautiful what word also did not say, just must hold Tong Xin in arms closely, next tear also flowed accordingly. She and from a child of rain of Tong Xin Tong are known, tong Yu as a child particularly outstanding, think of the associate with of childhood, think of Tong Yu's nice face, the dress that beauty feels to Tong Xin's tear passes through him took his skin fully, entered oneself heart via his skin again.

The two people deadlocked that La Yu is looking at to weep bitterly is over there, signal Su Na and Ji Yanqiu left a room together.

After a few days, a person lies on the bed to turn over a friend to encircle, see Su Na is sending: "Everybody has his choice, your pay touched a lot of people, wish you had gone " , she guesses is to saying Tong Yu, if it were not for sees this friend is encircled, she forgets her quickly to had left this business.

Ji Yanqiu is thinking, if I also left, the friend that also can appear in others is encircled, the popular feeling that sees next gives birth to deep feeling, the life with young deep feeling is parting too regrettablly, deep feeling suffer many mishaps in one's life, but had done not have a few days, everybody forgot this thing again this individual. Such looking, can occupy just calls eternity in individual heart, such, although the body is attributed to dust finally, but memory is immortal in others heart however. If oneself went, who can remember oneself forever?

Ji Yanqiu is wanting to feel sentimental more more, at that time, her mobile phone rang.

She cannot think of, the meeting that calls to her is Tong Xin.

"You can attend the funeral of my elder sister? In France, with beauty together, I can have ordered airline ticket to you. Tung of Tong of young brother's daughter thinks you very much. Tung of Tong of young brother's daughter thinks you very much..

"Good " . Jiyan autumn truly ponders ground respecting.

She thinks of young brother's daughter, can't help the heart is unripe fondly. Although condition of Home Tong Xin is very good, but there also was a mother again however after young brother's daughter, and she does not have father originally, after her can very alone? Does she still grow can happily?

That night, ji Yanqiu thought very a lot of more, about life and death, about parting, about cause and effect, about Lin Hang...

Go this France, it is Lin Hang sent beauty and Ji Yanqiu to come to the airport, look at Lin Hang to worry about the look that does not abandon again, beautiful respecting: "Be at ease, I am in " .

Lin Hang laughs to Ji Yanqiu: "Accompany the tung that accompany Tong well, I wait for you to come back " .

Ji Yanqiu is laughing to nod, there is some of sentiment however in the heart.

When when the airlines flies smoothly in the sky, ji Yanqiu's mood is more heavy however rise.

"Beautiful a general term for young women, is Tong Xin's elder sister after all how die ah? Is Tong Xin's elder sister after all how die ah??

"She is studying project of a medicine all the time, try drug with the body finally, affected virus unfortunately to bring about liver toxic, she has heart disease originally, this infection caused serious complication, she fails to had held to finally... " here tear had overflowed beautiful respecting to come out.

"Why should try drug with the body? " Ji Yanqiu is to indissoluble very, "Not good in the experiment on animal body " ?

"Animal experiment already was passed. But that is unwarrantable the safety of hundred. Their group two people try drug with the body of one's own accord together, another person still is in the hospital " .

"If succeeded but much better... " Ji Yanqiu is lop and palpebral sighed.

"Although do not have a success, but the research that still is them at least made contribution. They still can continue to consider to go down, the meeting is successful sooner or later, they also won't forget her " . Fair look contains hot tear.

"Hum, this world, must somebody is paid. If do not have these to reason has the person of ambition, our life how this are bad " . Ji Yanqiu is saying.

Ji Yanqiu does not have missay, mix with Tong Yu's family actually oneself condition, she can have a lot of choices really. She was taken a fancy to by astral explore when reading an university, becoming star is the dream of a lot of girls, but she refused decisively. What she hopes is the wisdom that can use his, do the business that has great sense to the mankind. Know in her home of this medicine project is returned so, when also having perfect condition to begin at present, she thinks all methods to rely on her finally remarkable ability and did not fold the spirit that does not flinch to join come in. Probably, she has made the preparation that should dedicate to give life even all one's life for medicine early, she chose a the hardest way, but go up in this road, she can do the business that she has deep love for, what she knows she wants is lamplight delicacy anything but spend and chase after hold in both hands.

Ji Yanqiu saw Tong Yu's involuntary discharge of urine illuminate on funeral, although be black-and-white photograph, but the eyebrow of high mountain of mild and indirect that passes through her, still can imagine those who give her bright eye be apt to looks at and ice and snow is clever.

The Ning Lin on funeral had done not have ferial glorious, some anguish that are a maternal bellyful that loses a daughter only and all over the face gaunt.

Genuflect of tung of Tong of young brother's daughter is illuminated in involuntary discharge of urine by, look at a batch another batch comes hold a memorial ceremony for the person of her mother, it seems she already genuflect good a little while.

See Ji Yanqiu, young brother's daughter squeezes the smile that gave a desolate.

When ceremony of hold a memorial ceremony for ends, ji Yanqiu just finds young brother's daughter again, she very emphatically holds her in the arms.

"Baby, still can a lot of people love you " . Jiyan autumn respecting.

"I am not sad. " respecting of ground of Tong Tong unexpected.

"Irrespective, sad it is normal human feelings. Cry not disgraceful also. " Ji Yanqiu very the mood that is afraid that Tong Tong depresses him painstakingly.

"My mom has said to me before, everybody has his choice, if love a person, with respect to the option that should value her. My mom does such choice to have her reason certainly. She is for her passion, just sacrifice for the interest of others, I had learned a word, the person is inherent die, or overweight Mount Taishan, or lighter than a goose feather. Of my mom dead, be overweight Mount Taishan! Doesn't the meaning of life depend on accident be opposite? Doesn't the meaning of life depend on accident be opposite??

"Yes. Your mom is very great! " look at young brother's daughter to exceed of common sensible and sedate, ji Yanqiu does not know to ought not to say comforted word again temporarily.

And across, ning Lin and beautiful Tong Xin are standing together to saying a word.

"Aunt, my pa Mom this really occupied do not go, they enjoin me to must remind you to notice the body " . Beautiful respecting.

"I understand beauty, thank you are so busy still can come over. " Ning Lin is saying, listening to do not have effort very much however.

" aunt, the body is attached most importance to, not too sad. " beautiful respecting.

Ning Lin mouth sighed to play the hand of a Tong Xin next gently: "You and your elder sister are the person that I love most, your elder sister was done not have now, you had been close friends certainly " .

"I am met of course well, you do not think Mom too much. " the shoulder that Tong Xin pats Ning Lin with another hands.

Ning Lin played beautiful hand suddenly again however: "Beautiful, the aunt also hopes you can do my daughter all the time actually. " the frontier says an edge to put beautiful hand and Tong Xin's hand in together.

Tong Xin and beauty in a moment awkwardness rises.

"Aunt, I and Tong Xin are very good friend, he Tongyu also is a friend, I regard you as all the time like family. " beautiful frontier says the edge took out a hand.

"Tong Xin likes you, I know this all one's life he won't speak a mouth, I also want to help him be concealed all one's life originally, but life is bitter short, I hope he can pursue his happiness. I hope he can pursue his happiness..

Beauty looks at Xiang Tongxin singularly.

"I like the thing that you are me. You are done not have necessary like me. " Tong Xin looks at beautiful eye, say to pulling Ning Lin to leave hastily: " Mom accompanies me to go pa there see Uncle Zhang, did not see him very for long, cannot think of he is so busy still taking a family to come personally, we thank one servent home quickly " .

Beauty is stupefied over, she suspects her ear gave an issue.

Ji Yanqiu sees beauty one individual station is over there, went by instantly, tong Tong also follows in her back.

"How beautiful a general term for young women? " Ji Yanqiu pats beautiful shoulder gently.

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. " beauty shakes his head.

"Tong Tong is fast come over! " beck of abrupt strong Tong Tong goes to Ning Lin.

Look at the back that Tong Tong leaves, beauty is thinking: This is worldly, think the thing that be less than is too much.

When after beauty and Ji Yanqiu go back to the motherland, if beauty still dare not believe what Ning Lin says, ke Tongxin that " the thing that I like you is me " , let her must admit this fact again.

After Lin Hang receives Ji Yanqiu from the airport ground of inquire after sb's health asks her this asks her that.

But Ji Yanqiu is a little absent-minded however. Be trudge makes her a little tired probably.

"Lin Hang, I am dozy a little while " . Eye gangmaster was closed to rely on in pillow of pair of driving the back of the chair to go up after Ji Yanqiu says.

Lin Hang is looking at Ji Yanqiu to show pale face slightly, also thinking in the heart, be in probably chase love, jiyan autumn experience arrived too much ought not to she the thing with this sensible age.

A few in the future, ning Lin and her husband, still have Tong Xin, brought back Tong Yu's ashes of the dead the country.

In the seaside, tong Tong is holding mom's urn in the arms to going slowly on the beach.

"Grandma, I listened to you yesterday saying with the grandfather mom has leave a letter, what was written in the letter that mom gives you? What was written in the letter that mom gives you??

Ning Lin and her husband follow in Tong Tong beside, two people followed Tong Tong to stop together footstep, waist of stoop of peaceful beautiful jade touchs her head gently, memory has the content in the letter:


I do not know this is I write a letter to you for the last time. Say, I already very long had not written a letter to you.

All the time since I am not a good daughter, the time that I accompany you is too little really. Come after France studies abroad, I am very lucky a when made this medicine research, it lets me be full of passion to be full of fight. Countless longing arrive not in the night of Mian, I want only, if our research succeeds to be able to save countless people, that I at the moment loneliness is worthiness. Yes, I long for you, I long for that hot earth that I grow to grow. When successful, I can go back to the motherland, to moment I also did not leave again, I should be accompanied well accompany you, the tung that accompany Tong is grown; I left in case unfortunately this, do not be me please sad, die for the thing that oneself have deep love for, I feel is a happy thing. Anyhow, remember taking care of oneself to still have a little brother, father, of course, must love Tong Tong well for me please.

Ning Lin keeps back tear, light tone is right Tong tung respecting: "Mom lets you do not replace her sad, the thing that she says the thing that has deep love for for oneself gives life also is a happiness " .

Tong Tong blinks eyeball did not talk, run to the seaside next, seawater has been overflowed wet her double foot.

Tong Xin follows Tong Tong to run to the seaside.

"Uncle " , tong Tong hands Tong Xin urn.

Tong Xin has received urn, open lid, it is raise of ashes of the dead in sky, wave along with wind come loose, still have Tong Yu's ideal and belief.

"Elder sister, if what you wish, you returned the land that you have deep love for and sea, the point that you reach, be full of warmth certainly " . Tong Xin says to shed next tears at the same time at the same time.

Ning Lin and her husband looks at capacious offing, the setting sun of far appears float was in maritime, sink slowly next sea mile. When remembering Tong Yu is small, love to with them still Tong Xin comes along most here collects shell, the tear of two people rustles and fall.

Tong Xin crouchs a private parts closely cuddle is worn Tong Tong, ocean wave is flapping their double foot. Ning Lin and her husband also walked over at the moment, they stand in Tong Xin and Tong tung back, he is long-unseen the ground, hug closely Ning Lin's shoulder.

Ning Lin's look is visitting distant place, she always feels one day, be here, tong Yu can step on ocean wave to return her beside, resemble leaning in her bosom euqally in one's childhood, sing that to her " you blow sea wind gently, ocean wave you shake gently " ...

Tong Tong looks at the cloud that horizon wears, one is connecting, right like her mom's love, be continuous without limit. She is low the offing that the head looks at stretch to the horizon, think of mom that " must have done oneself first " , she is held tightened oneself small fist, brightness is full of in the eye.

Mixing ocean wave sound and sea rumour, knowing is who is reading aloud gently:

If I can make a heart is avoided at grief

I not this lays theory

If I can remove the anguish of a life

Appease a kind of acerbity laborious

Help the bluebird of a faint

In returning mew afresh

I not this lays theory




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