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Empty building, be without opportunity of survival. This we once, before a few years, as father's job, we move another cities early. Tell them when me, I plan to come back to stay for some time, the opposition that they do their utmost, say a girl home is insecure, though the house still is in, but very long nobody lives, this is bad still to the girl.

The persuasion that I do my utmost, attend a college so old, still not be a person of in good condition nondestructive in a brand-new city life 4 years, more what is more,the rather that now is the small town that period of my childhood, teenager grows, that more it doesn't matter is worth to worry. Actually, also did not spend how old effort, yu Mengtian can be accompanied beside them, little I do not have how old relation.

Although Yu Mengtian is only big I am two years old, however all is more outstanding than me, what grow as a child is better than me, denounce elder people like, then I begin effort study, still can be be not a patch on her half. Finally, she is taken an examination of entered this city most outstanding college, and I, left the book that another city studied domestic runway 4 years however.

I am not envious Yu Mengtian, I just do not understand, for assorted people it is pa Mom likewise the treatment that unripe child receives is really different. They also can give me father love mother love, but every time lets me feel is by almsgiving general.

I lean on the bed, cannot help him crimple the body, do not know cold is environment or heart.

"" of drop drop drop, I open a mobile phone, new short message ceases.

"Rested? "Rested??

My very angry handle machine still aside, abnormal, big in the evening theory send what message, my resting involves your what issue nonstop! ? Itself very not happy, appear again anonymous fire, a head closes eye him calm on the bed.

"" of drop drop drop, came again.

"I am Zhao Naxuan. "I am Zhao Naxuan..

My " hum " laughs, feel to do not have interest very much. Strong recognition just, this number that gets me quickly, this has let me be fed up with, be in again my mood out of control when irritated I, let me more allergy.

Calm a little while, dull, sit up body, take a mobile phone, to not the person of sensible sent a message.

"Do you like me? Except, do not want to give me casually interest of post a letter. Do not want to give me casually interest of post a letter..

I know, I talk occasionally quite owe beat, but I do not like some things of messy do, be namely, not be I also do not have time to play with you ambiguous.

"" of drop drop drop.

"Yes, I like you, OK? OK??

I do not know he comes over with what kind of mood hair, anyhow I am very amazed, he gives my impression to be not young like those two woman student to describe in that way of cruel cruel, I feel he is a little undemonstrative, when talking with me, the face is returned slightly a bit red. I come interest, a person is in as it happens what this lives is very doleful, it is quite good to have the individual is accompanied.

"Can. I was stranded, will chat again tomorrow! Will chat again tomorrow!!

Close machine, sleep. My head however a disorder. I am not the woman student that has calculation, I did not want to cross a love to should make game, I never also had wanted to who had harmed, but instantly, I am taking ponder however those who promised a man student beg oneself. In struggling, I was lost think.

"Is there new plan again recently? Were you met not? Teach teach me? "I am laughing to say to them, not be certain must go learning.

"Cut, still teach you, am I returned won't? "Li Yuan shoot a glance at I am one.

"Are you to learn? That is male to had taught? "I remind intentionally.

"Zhao Naxuan! Taught return at the same time so fast, who looks understand? And true had done from A to Z, won't! Won't!!

"Oh, oh, what person, also do not teach a few times more! "I very naturally is saying.

"Hey, how do you feel to high south Zhao? Handsome! "Li Yuan flower is crazy made again, combining my idea.

"Not bad, cannot see a face, do not know, are you very ripe? "I of one face do not care, await this next message.

"That is, he is head office, be in charge of us here, the problem looks for him. Main you follow him not ripe, so he manages rarely you, I like to amuse him, every time he knows to laugh. Ha "

"Oh, dot, be in charge of him, have a problem later it is good that you call, anyway you are ripe, do not need me to asked. Do not need me to asked..

"That is no good, I also do not want to talk with him occasionally, xu Jing also does not like to ask him, he always looks cold and indifferent a bit. He always looks cold and indifferent a bit..

I look at them, like to chat not to want to respond again however with him very much namely obviously. Woman, forever janus-faced.

I do not like present working environment very much, come down all day long, nourishing word does not tell 10 to also do not listen to 10. Be not me self-righteous, the likelihood was to change a kind of environment suddenly to suit hard a bit, I as far as possible let oneself understand, go accepting the diversity of culture administrative levels. So old culture is affected, transform impossibly at a draught.

Follow to cross many getting on at dream field experience the cultural worker of class, in them that, I listen only notch, do not insert completely on the mouth. And Yu Mengtian's boy friend, my elder sister's husband, it is the doctoral student of scientific research courtyard, this follows make me more self-abased, so later, also must look for an outstanding boy friend anyhow.

"Hey! "Hey!!

I busy move arranges a file, hear be like the accost sound with ripe ripe blame, raise a head to look, zhao Naxuan's smiling face obscures my line of sight, a pure, warmth.

"Hey! "My machinelike replies, hope he does not want too ostentatious be seen what nod by that two girl.

"You, zhao Naxuan, this pretty good, did not let a person made come. "Li Yuan is saying accidentally.

"Right, guaze mask also was not taken, still thought you destroy a look! "Xu Jing is opening fun.

Zhao Naxuan saw me, the attitude that discovers me is very new, then very insipid go by, do not pay attention to Li Yuan, persistently the task that finish.

I continue to do the thing in the hand, do not go seeing him, I know, he from time to time see me.

"I went. "I went..

Be saying to me, still not when I reply, li Yuan had replied first, I am forced not language.

"Xi Xi, too marvellous, he is very serious today, those who tell is very slow also, knew completely how to be done. "Li Yuan takes this hand happily, xu Jing is on the side approve of.

"Be less than, do you have a boy friend to do not have? Do you have a boy friend to do not have??

Ask me suddenly, do I am tensely, say to have bit of have a guilty conscience really.

"How, do you want to look for a boy friend? How settle on who, I go helping you talk about a marriage! "I shift a topic.

"Go your, I just not! "Li Yuan appears charming be ashamed, looking is to begin to take shape really.

"He ah, who to still have, zhao Naxuan, shuaiyou is rich, you go helping her be carried. "Xu Jing is laughing, a pair of expression that goes at once.

"You owe Xu Jing beat, who likes him, more auspicious than me a few years old, my people just does not agree! My people just does not agree!!

"5 years old just, do not calculate again big, say the other people is rich again, are you still cold-shouldered? Are you still cold-shouldered??

"That also is no good, my Mom does not agree for certain. My Mom does not agree for certain..

"Ah, is that Zhao Naxuan very fierce? "I ask.

"Didn't you see? He did not wear guaze mask today, those who grow is pretty good, and there is money again in the home, 24 years old, how, calculate going up is white horse prince! "Xu Jing's very serious analysis is worn.

Be princely? I do not know, also did not think so much. Do not know why to always feel to let me feel very pure now and then feel he has again those who exceed actual age is dark.

Of the company see, he may be angry, when going to work in the morning, still call to me say to time meets. Had come off work a little while now, still do not see people, persnickety ghost, if really little still boy, although compare me big a year old, but what still do not have me to want is so mature.

"At heart, big the low head in the evening walks, be afraid of bump? Be afraid of bump??

Resemble falling down from the sky, be without bodeful occurrence, angry making a person feels happy again.

Want suddenly to cry very much, they get angry to be able to drop me leave previously, although will search again, I already did not wait in place. Before looking at an eye this individual of my terrified terrified, very the laugh of understanding is worn, hit the acknowledgment in the heart he did not drop me.

"How? Was being frightened by me? I am sorry! "He is helping my shoulder up, very afraid ask.

I am shaking first, laughing to say: "Zhao Naxuan, you are big in the evening airborne the demon in be like fokelore, appear silently in others back. Appear silently in others back..

"It is you walk too serious, how, collect money? "Zhao Naxuan is laughing.

"Either, it is to collect Hua Meinan! Ah breathe out " I say priggishly.

"See me, hua Meinan is in this! "He is pointing to himself, a pair of princely expression.

"Ha, of really enough narcissism. Of really enough narcissism..

"I say really, do not believe you to look again carefully, very good-looking really. Very good-looking really..

I pay no attention to him, going forth, he is foolish by follow foolishly, do not know when, my hand has been grasped to be in the hand by him, I am disinclined to take out come, also do not think out to smoke, anyway the weather is cold, his hand is so warm, be being pulled so first!



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