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Zhong Lei is propping up the body side that be about to die to crossed a head to hope he is thrown in the key on the desk, slowly had turned round to look at Zhong Yu, "Clear, I am early should understand. . . . . . ..

Although Zhong Lei's expression is painful, but the smile that gives fully by the side of corners of the mouth is however even more clear, bright, taking some from ridicule, also taking some feel relieved, "I think you are dead, not be me how conceivable that box, consider the host when Zhong Jia more. It is to want to cheat oneself all the time nevertheless I follow Mom just is the person with the most serious pa stops. . . . . . Do not cross A Yu, you still cannot become father after all in that way person. You do not have method to be compared with pa photograph forever, day heart calculates the bell dead to also won't harm Qiu Anan. . . . . . Extinct lifetime just is thinking pa how to go back, search to follow install everything the aunt is all and good, but you are to wanting how to come out however, you want to escape in the heart from your good and evil, regrettablly you also go out not to come again inside the world that defect divides even yourself not clear true and false in this however. . . . . . Hahaha. . . . . . ..

The yock of Zhong Lei unbridled rises, the full scorn in the eye, "Delighted, really delighted. A Yu, I am envious you all one's life, cannot think of, it is worry about troubles of one's own imagining unexpectedly. You still do not know, yourself also enters end, at least I died to be able to free oneself, you, you want how to free oneself. . . . . . Let yourself tormented his all one's life to die than you more let me feel delighted. . . . . . Hahaha. . . . . . ..

Laugh stops abruptly, zhong Lei stopped breath in laugh. His complexion already was violet blueness, extensive of corners of the mouth is white, when dying it is thus clear that, also be extremely painful. But even if such, the laugh on bell thunder face never disappears however, as if to die, he is like when that kind about, the teenager is arrogant and wilful, from only then consistent.

What Zhong Yu bends the body is lower, laughing to pat Zhong Lei's face, "Eldest brother. . . . . . " character of Zhong Yu desire stops again, the smile on the face gradually no longer so bright, his hand can'ts help gliding, the shoulder of handholding Zhong Lei, "Had gone all the way. " mood is cool, also shining however in the eye some what if concealed is like,show is sad.

Sad drop off, rancor is thicker, bell rain side crosses a head to look to still do not have the A Feng of cut off the gas, stand up to go to A Feng's direction. A Feng is panting, a bit, a bit, climb the garment part that there is him in front of Zhong Yu, "Why. . . . . . " body of bell rain nutation, the hand of tender handholding A Feng, the look in the eye as much tender, "I also want to know, why you want such resign oneself to adversity. . . . . . A Feng, this world is equal really, the person of do evil is equal by Nemesis, did you believe now. . . . . . If I am not a pair loving the appearance at you, you still are met resign oneself to adversity, hear the word of eldest brother, killed me and none hesitant, ? " " you, cheat me. . . . . . " A Feng closely the hand that grabbing Zhong Yu, "I do not believe, you want me to die really. You want me to die really..

"I did not cheat you. " ruthless answer, zhong Yu's face approachs A Feng, at the moment everything his is cold, the look is cold, the temperature of finger tip is cold, breathing repeatedly also is cold, "I let Qiu chamberlain besmear in you the thing in the bowl follows eldest brother exactly like, it is to be able to make popular feeling painful likewise to death poison. . . . . . A Feng, you once asked why I do not have resentment, ha, how can I do not have resentment. . . . . . Not be to was not hated, the resentment that is me only had been given early to bury by enemy. Do you know, compared with eldest brother. . . . . . I more hate you. From me the mother closes an eye that momently, I hate your to the marrow. . . . . . ..

One word, accompanying Zhong Yu definitely absolutely the heart of the Jiang Afeng with complete eyes is drawn out empty, decorticate tear open bone, never keep even a misshapen flesh and blood even. A phoenix chilly is laughing, what hold a hope no longer is loose the hand that grabbing Zhong Yu, "Still remember that day, before eldest son, you replace my rescue sb from a siege. . . . . . You call me to help you boil medicine to the madam, I sufferred an injury, you are helping me up. Later, I looked at you to be in a daze. Look at you, I am thinking all the time, 2 childes are helping me up, when laughing to me, what thinking in the heart. I want not to understand in those days, also had wanted a lot of times to do not have the answer later, now, I knew eventually. . . . . . " eventually the looks at A Feng eye that the look does not move, regrettablly, also do not mirror again piece once tender brightness, "You think, what am I thinking. What am I thinking..

A Feng's canthus sheds next tear, however her look does not take the least bit softness however, do not take deflection likewise look at Zhong Yu. Of A Feng Zaizhong rain before always not dare impartial orthoptic his eye, even if is when 4 eye are opposite, she also never dare orthoptic his pupil. This, she is orthoptic his eye, in looking at his eye carefully abstruse and cool thin, also look at mirror go up in his pupil, that is sad, funny him confounded, "You are thinking, when can resemble looking at me so now. You laugh to me, it is to can resemble look at me so at the moment only, seeing me is how sad, how painful. . . . . . You had never loved me. You had never loved me..

Zhong Yu gently obliterate the tear on A Feng face, be like in the eye is to emerge again an a tiny bit of tenderness, be like again however illusive kind shine and pass, of lax be without a trace, "Why should I fall in love with a bifurcation

Bun. . . . . . Also do not feel even yourself that is very comical? A Feng, that is your dream only, forgot it. I won't fall in love with you such person, forever won't. . . . . . ..

The house that swings for nothing, appearing some of cold and cheerless, zhong Yu makes a round trip casually pace a few paces. In his eye, appear here not cold and cheerless, it is happy very in his heart, the long booth here is him, stone stage tile is him, the tree is him, the flower is him, the cloud on eave is him, the wind below corridor is him. . . . . . Everything Zhong Jia's is him right now, however, as if to not be like that kind of joyance that he thinks however in his heart, he halts in where suddenly, the way that is played by wind down garment horn looks the past, hoping to get together nearby in gate mouth, indistinct in oneself at the moment those clearer and clearer people. . . . . .

What Zhong Bai looks at Zhong Tiande to steward to had arranged goods train with Qiu is about the same, before smiling to go up, "Lord, you are at ease go, I and Ananhui do good home in. " Zhong Tiande plays the float ash that when goods is being liquidated on cuff, stays, eyeful sees the Qiu Anan that stands in Zhong Bai back softly, see An An is taking Qiu to be not abandoned low the head is taken some feel distressed see her no longer, turn and smiling to see Xiang Zhongbai, "You two all along are harmonious, I am at ease. I am at ease..

Zhong Bai is maintaining laugh, she is certain Zhong Tiande likes to see his laugh, also self-confidence does not have which woman to laugh meeting him comparing it seems that more bear in mind constantly calling a person. She is laughing to nod respond to Zhong Tiande, also laughing at side to look at his personally too two beside little boys, "Come, lei Er, a Yu, say good-bye with father. " Zhong Tiande rushs immediately if Zhong Yu hears Zhong Bai beside, "Father, come back to remember taking some of delicious amusing to Lei Er. Come back to remember taking some of delicious amusing to Lei Er..

The before a few paces on Zhong Yu, of be reluctant to part with look at Zhong Tiande, "Pa, goodbye. " Zhong Yu although year young, but the influence that how he installs by maternal Qiu, knowing very well his is not wife child, ferial in always should be before Zhong Bai He Zhonglei some lower first, cannot make public, cannot arrogant and wilful, what cannot grab with bell Lei Zheng more. Some things, zhong Lei can be done, he is not OK; Some words, zhong Lei can say, he is not OK.

Van has been arranged, qiu stewarded to get on a car first, zhong Tiande is the same as brandish of rain of bell thunder bell wave to also want to go up immediately. Right now, how does Qiu bring before running suddenly a few situations, "Lord. . . . . . " Qiu installs An Yuyan to stop again, a cough that does not stop, her voice became small a lot of, "Take care on the road. " Qiu Anan has a lot of words to want to say with Zhong Tiande, change the caution on the road finally only however a few words. Before she knows she runs so suddenly, had been assuming, oneself are not Zhong Bai, ought not to have such action, these, she is clear.

"Be at ease, not be to go out for the first time. " Zhong Tiande is laughing, tender handholding Qiu brings installed hand, "Did not send, how to install body of your all along to lose, speed went sufferring cool. Speed went sufferring cool..

"Be, be at ease An An. " Zhong Bai follows before going up a few steps, "Go in with I and children, lord is very fast came back. " " be. " Qiu Anan is clever answered, tong Zhongbai in place a watch sb go away is worn Zhong Tiande got on a car, later, taking Zhong Lei and Zhong Yu to go back.

Imperceptible, zhong Tiande has left home a few days. Nevertheless, also just time of these a few days, qiu Anan's body is express slacken however, these a few days are cough more do not issue even the bed.

Look at Qiu Anan to lie on the bed to cough all the time, zhong Yu is helpless, feel distressed, very fear. His handholding Qiu brings installed hand, shake cautiously, "Mom, you lay a lot of days, how to still rise, rise accompany me to play good? " the laugh that there is softness on Qiu Anan's pale face, sickly look of really unpleasant also however attack by surprise, "A Yu is good, mom is uncomfortable, go looking for Lei Er's elder brother to play with you. " " eldest brother. . . . . . Eldest brother should not like to play together with me. " eyes thrill through of Zhong Yu distresses one tiny bit, nevertheless, he does not hope his dismay is seen by his mother, so rapid receive it. Zhong Yu looks at Qiu Anan's gaunt face, what hold her hand is closer, "Mom, I go looking for an aunt to ask a doctor to you. The aunt is best to us, she can look for best doctor to give Mom see a patient certainly, mom has been met at that time. Mom has been met at that time..

"Aunt, aunt! " Zhong Yu is calling out Zhong Bai ceaselessly hurriedly develop house, discover to there is A Fengyi's individual only in the house however, a phoenix back overlooks him to Zhong Yu, carrying a compote to want where to go to. "A Feng, a Feng. " the before a few paces on Zhong Yu, pat A Feng's shoulder. A phoenix face about, seeing is Zhong Yu of smilingly greet sb, "2 childes, how do you come over. Be to look for eldest son to play together? " " A Feng, how to have your person only? Where is eldest brother and aunt? " Zhong Yu enquires at the same time think again at the same time all around look.

"Did not see 2 young sons. " A phoenix is laughing to carry the hand is before Zhong Yu brandish brandish, "Eldest son and madam are absent, the madam imposed a tax to eldest son, eldest son at the moment is together with the gentleman, can come back very quickly nevertheless. The madam is in family hall for worshipping Buddha, whenever avalokitesvara is big,2 childes forgot a madam person the day that becomes should stay in family hall for worshipping Buddha long. " saying, a Feng takes a peach in compote to give Xiang Zhongyu, "2 childes, eat. This is the madam lets me prepare avalokitesvara big person compote, be about to send family hall for worshipping Buddha a little while too. You look, a full dish, little one won't be discovered. Little one won't be discovered..

Zhong Yu did not receive A Feng to give the peach that come over, very anxious before going up again a few paces, "A Feng, you but with going family hall for worshipping Buddha looks for my aunt, tell her me to Mom fell ill, ill very serious, must see a doctor immediately. " " what! " A Fengyi Jing, put down the peach in the hand immediately, "Be at ease 2 childes, I this seeks a wife with respect to the past. " A Feng is not considered on other, running to develop a house.

A Feng did not have shadow very quickly, zhong Yu slowly take a moment ago she gives that peach to oneself, look at dedicatedly, resembling is to look at the what treasure that never has seen, look cautiously, again cautious replace goes. . . . . .

Very fast, a Feng come back from family hall for worshipping Buddha. Rain seeing a bell is returned waiting anxiously in place, the pass on a message before going up, "2 childes, you go back, the wife says she knew, this goes 2 madams there. " A Feng's mood is like that kind is lively a moment ago, zhong Yu guesses making is disease of mother one's own is an important matter, a Feng cannot like fun treat. Just, a Feng's mood changed, it is a little strange that expression also appears, the extensive on the face is worn small red, a hand is covering, the appearance that dare not look up. "A Feng, you how, the face is a little red. " before Zhong Yu wants to go up again some closer look, a Feng backs down suddenly however, "It doesn't matter 2 childes, what a moment ago ran is too urgent, some are hot, meet too good. 2 childes are fast go back, the wife goes immediately. " " thanked A Feng. " Zhong Yu answered, trot is worn left.



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