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A day of dry,crisp air of autumn before dawn, tian Weiming, haydn is manorial and shock green shade between, a black and white shadow swiftly rock. When just seeing, she still falls in lofty sweet-scented osmanthus tree, abrupt, she appears in the one horn of lotus pool again. Wander in unruffled halcyon in, she will be located in village center before 17 villa. Shot to fly catch, claw hooks automatic induction, capture baluster, steel wire is contractive, taking black and white shadow to leap.

Balcony door is opened suddenly, black and white shadow flash, a tepid body investment needs the boy of hair to labor force in the bosom.

The boy was frightened jump greatly. The girl in the bosom his know, ever met for two times in Yan city. Meet the 3rd times, shen Anqi's face still is so enchanting and inviting, concise white shirt matchs trousers dress up what sweep first time to meet is illegible, also not be like the enchanting that see the 2nd times, some are fashionable, quite dignified also, however at the moment lean close to is in his bosom, deserve to go up she is shock eyelash builds the blurred eyes that go out, imperceptible, very sexy.

The girl is an action group, one language is not sent hug the boy. Fortify of boy have not, be kissed by her. A lingering, her ogle, the boy is anoxic general, the slow-witted chicken that be like wood.

"I had said, I can let you like me. " the girl is small hoarse voice is extremely attractive. The steel wire that closes suddenly eject, she is strong and vigorous very quickly, disappear from 2 buildings suddenly.

The dispersion of black and white shadow that appears like dream is in Chuqiu is in the morning halcyon in.

The boy all the time terrified, the hand strokes tepid lip, suddenly if in the dream...

The country is false the first day, in the morning, the private plane of congratulate listen wind arrives bank river, arrive midday elegant build, he on a special trip fete is entertained have a holiday greatly from flourish labour the Chu Zhengzhe that come back.

Lunch prepares very bigly, congratulate listen wind is to propose a toast, it is clip dish, often enquire to whats be done in the university, appear consideration to the utmost. Count year of student career, chu Zhengzhe originally unruly fade is gotten very complete. Sit to the left the 2nd locally, his bearing modest and, have ask to answer surely, expression has sense of property very much, already the manner of gent of a pair of brownstone noble.

The He Tian on, hairstyle is a little optional, wearing recreational household to take, but manner is easy, the way one speaks or what he says more see composed.

Those who sit by He Tian is newly-married firm the Shen Xueyin of a month.

Summer vacation two months, chu Zhengzhe grooms in what grow Bai Shan even if jump,base exercises physical ability and country, he cannot catch up with the wedding by August at all. At the moment is looked up and down seriously, even if be right of the woman delicate spend a requirement not to calculate him tall, also feel: He Tian marries the girl with a such weak few with its, before be inferior to, elope with Song Shijun calculated.

His contemptuous expression is in not on very enthusiastic manner, if be in only,everybody is lifted together cup when, look from her here swept past -- Shen Xueyin can be aware of of course, but childe of this Hunan before Shen Xueyin looks so that appear personally gets him farther-in-law greatly love, in the meantime, conscious also get this Hunan childe and He Ningxi of husband's younger sister concern not general, so, low eyebrow arranges order, dare not look for existence to feel before Chu Zhengzhe.

Lunch ends, congratulate listen wind says to He Tian: "Much sunset of you and young wise man sees, occupied chat. Occupied chat..

He Tian nods, send parents to go, but, he sees Chu Zhengzhe, look to take aim secretly all the time again Chu Zhengzhe's He Ningxi, laugh gently, say to Chu Zhengzhe: "You or He Ningxi Xian Xuxu are old. " inclined eye shoot a glance at a Shen Xueyin, light method: "Our foregone. "Our foregone..

The sunshine of autumn day is warm warm, according to the chrysanthemum outside living room window.

He Ningxi sits on sofa, chu Zhengzhe sits beside her.

He Ningxi is looking Chu Zhengzhe up and down, from beginning to end not throat. But the eye that she has a smile on her face shows brand-new information fully, chu Zhengzhe mind is small swing, collect the hand that has her actively. He Ningxi did not refuse, it is beautiful only. Chu Zhengzhe asks in a low voice: "Disappear constantly, do you think me? Do you think me??

He Ningxi still is staying not to consider a speech, point to troublesome of dress edge horn the convention that attend, but, little face of at the moment is small inclined, the look is carried come up, and shine shine.

In flourish labour reads the Chu Zhengzhe of 2 grade greatly, do not lack schoolgirl predestined relationship actually. Already very popular when Ying Hua, received honor project is big, more welcome. Have everyday wait to go up in the road, the woman student that doorway of dining-room, dormitory wants to strike up a conversation. Just, had hit in one's childhood make in heart issued commitment, this all one's life, he should take care of that to cry seriously " He Ningxi " the girl.

He has been the brilliant student with flourish big project.

He Ningxi is read in professional university only.

Nevertheless, this how?

Hold a small the lower jaw of He Ningxi exquisite gently, he Ningxi a bit does not have the meaning that refuse, raise a face instead, still close an eye gently.

Chu Zhengzhe laugh, he understands He Ningxi's meaning eventually. Delicacy of the chrysanthemum outside the window beautifuls, the sun that is reflected into the window is warm in that way. He lowers his head to be kissed, it is to be like butterfly to pass by flower first, then appreciably accentuated force. Jerky specification of He Ningxi never had experienced such thing, chu Zhengzhe measure, movement appears adept however. But such adept, bring He Ningxi to be not those who be the same as general joy to enjoy apparently. She is kissed cheek bright red, eyes is blurredly.

Chu Zhengzhe laugh asks: "Do you like? "Do you like??

He Ningxi still is in the aftertaste, a long time just nods gently...

In Lv Shu how-to below, chu Zhengzhe finds He Tian in the garden in sky. Think He Tian can be mixed formerly Shen Xueyin is geminate and didymous, arrive at here unexpectedly, see He Tian only one person.

There is soft violin music in invisible small sound box, what there is Da Meng of a popular writer in congratulate day hand is new make, listen to music to read a book at the same time at the same time, taste tea at the same time. The eyebrow tea that set limit to supplies, chu Zhengzhe is considered oneself mention crock, poured a cup to oneself, the tea soup pour into of likewise golden color is in transparent glass, glittering and translucent and bright, as classy citrine.

To Chu Zhengzhe, such afternoon, so pure, quiet circumstance, actually also is mental enjoyment.

Just, he still cannot help asking He Tian: "Newly-married swallow Er, be to should be mixed is your Nong Wonong just opposite the wife of your newly-married? Hold in the arms 3 years two, should this be the wish that makes an aunt? Should this be the wish that makes an aunt??

"You drop Ning Xi, at the moment will look for me, be for sarcastic I? " congratulate day look is carried, sneer: "My Mom still is done not have very pressing the meaning that wants to hold grandchildren in the arms.

"Where is Mrs Na Xiaohe? "Where is Mrs Na Xiaohe??

"Be called by my Mom, they should be met today have a late dinner. They should be met today have a late dinner..

"Not be I say -- " Chu Zhengzhe just opened a head, he Tian forces with sharp eyes stop him. Chu Zhengzhe wants to say concerned He Tian differs unexpectedly really Song Shijun, must marry so few is weak the topic of bored girl, but the word does not have exit, idea is seen through first, be forced pharynx pharynx saliva, turned a topic: "I am honest, I am occupied really want to look for you. " then, said the one's lot with one great early same today dream. "I had not wanted to betray Ning Xi really! " his raise one's hand pledges, "She comes too suddenly, I am heard outside the voice that has steel wire systole, because be sneak attack of what, just came out, gave that job. Gave that job..

"You are affirmatory, had you never contacted other girl before? Had you never contacted other girl before??

Chu Zhengzhe nods energetically.

"Then you were over. "Then you were over..

"What? "What??

"Your first kiss, did not leave Ning Xi actually. Did not leave Ning Xi actually..

Chu Zhengzhe face " vacate " red: "I had said, I am by sneak attack. I am by sneak attack..

"Its essence is same. "Its essence is same..

"How many times should I say? " Chu Zhengzhe stands up from the seat, expression has some of become impatient, "Calculated a lip to touch a lip, my within an inch of also cut off the gas, look in me, with me then shoulder, ham got assault different of it doesn't matter. So, it is sneak attack, it is sneak attack! It is sneak attack!!

He Tian laughed immediately, provoke wave at once: "Open your fun, you sit quickly. " drank buccal tea, want, just say: "I let Yunting pay close attention all the time Yan city is circus wagon, but in fact, besides at the beginning branch of swallow of Shenyang of seemingly female colonel is opposite two incident the Milky way somewhat against the law, later this full a year, member is step-by-step the life, branch of swallow of female colonel Shenyang besides talk about love with Gao Bingyan, do not have other exceed what is proper lift. Do not have other exceed what is proper lift..

"Be impossible! " Chu Zhengzhe kerf is negative: "Shenyang swallow branch this woman not only one's previous experience confuses footprint door, she still is the person that Dong Yangyin organizes. Concealed is organized -- you do not know what this is, zhang Yunting is ace, he always should tell you: That is Dong Yang's oldest sinister gang. Skill is inquire for blood! Skill is inquire for blood!!

"Shenyang swallow branch and Gao Bingyan are a lover at the beginning, do you know? Do you know??

Chu Zhengzhe is stupefied.

"According to reliable information, they still are two when Na Lian, already green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, like be like you and your Ning Xi. Like be like you and your Ning Xi..

This kind is likened to let Chu Zhengzhe suffer affront quite.

He Tian is priggish path: "If you and Ning Xi want departure because of what,I do not know some day, ning Xi can mad want to find you euqally, but I know, when that day, want Ning Xi go and seek refuge with sb to arrive only you, you can eliminate all all difficulties certainly, it is to leave her only beside you. I am not to want cuss you are two, judge others by oneself, quits affection ability knows hostile other one party. Shenyang swallow branch and tall ice blaze really love is very deep, put blaze on the ice high especially, this year, he is caressed to Shenyang swallow branch have add, besides Shen Yan the branch needs the time that goes performing, he discharges clean to come almost, company left and right sides, follow closely. Follow closely..

Chu Zhengzhe enrages the day that get day show the whites of eyes.

He Tian pays no attention to him sneer: "During, hunan uncle is returned personally fete crosses them two. Hunan uncle is returned personally fete crosses them two..

Chu Zhengzhe body one shake.

"You feel, hunan uncle and the meeting of Shenyang swallow branch, should meet what thing happens? Does Shenyang swallow branch draw out a gun suddenly? Or, sneak attack of attack by a hidden enemy? As Huadongdi one ace, can Hunan uncle let make it of anchoret of a Dong Yang daughter these things? It is envenom, allegedly, can the result of big the former feminine and negative of Hunan uncle also give poison force come out? Can the result of big the former feminine and negative of Hunan uncle also give poison force come out??

Him Chu Zhengzhe is experienced also result of big the former feminine and negative, last place character is not clear He Tian empty, nod.

"So, " hand of congratulate day booth, "Everything is calm! "Everything is calm!!

"This is exterior phenomenon only! "This is exterior phenomenon only!!

"That you even what kind of dark wave is moved? " the eye that He Tian is staring at Chu Zhengzhe: "Best ending, maybe admits Shenyang swallow branch wants the sincerity of the Milky way of submit to the authority of another namely. " here, he remembers be related suddenly: "Was opposite, haydn goes before that morning that you say ' sneak attack ' your girl, it is the daughter of Shenyang swallow branch, she calls Shen Anqi, right? Perhaps Shen Anqi is close to you, stem from sincerity namely. Stem from sincerity namely..

"Can you still chat well? " Chu Zhengzhe smooth baseboard steps on butt start to come Laogao: "What sincerity, who and she has sincerity! " drink all eyebrow tea in kettle readily, drop a face to go.

Hetian asks to his back: "Hear result of big the former feminine and negative has a node every year, is need shut close 3 days? Is need shut close 3 days??

Chu Zhengzhe just arrived hang down at the door the flower, wen Yan one terrified: "Have? " want, "Making is the thing that high level can encounter, I drill shallowly still, had not encountered. Had not encountered..

"I hear a talk: Node around, the person that practise one's skill needs to shut close 3 days, because do not have consciousness, do not eat to be not drunk so, go out after 3 days close, work force restores entirely, and can grow continuously. And can grow continuously..

If say Shenyang swallow branch is the dangerous character that horizontal sky is born, so, taking mysterious colorific Shen Anqi at the beginning to Chu Zhengzhe, it is a mystery simply. Chu Zhengzhe never denies Shen Anqi beautiful, nevertheless, the woman floats pie-eyed to surnaming Hunan for, also be merely as the woman a very normal parameter. Before Chu Zhengzhe again how does prep before see Laochu, only a bit, no matter Laochu is thrown into jail, still obtain the render outstanding service and be famous after freedom, the Chu Zhengzhe that ofs low station to one's previous experience his Mom from cause one and eventually. If not be Chu Zhengzhe,so old vivid son is in, on the road person all thinks Laochu is returned to now by accident is Tong Nan child. The again beautiful, woman that enchantings again sends Chu Tielong before, that is a piece of paper! By the woman with two eruptive figures around, cannot flap a Chu Tielong to be hidden in the desire for love in thousands of meters of deep cold trench then.

Chu Zhengzhe feels, this, he must follow his father!

But, yan city is circus wagon in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty a day, his heart is dangerous from beginning to end and uncertain. To one's heart's content of dream of a lot of late night, a few guns are suddenly noisy, or it is sharp horizontal stroke make bright light for nothing, next, he arrives with respect to the dream blood of body of old Chu Hun, the most serious, he held the head of the Laochu that drops from half sky in both hands actually!

Namely that momently, chu Zhengzhe becomes aware deeply to be opposite to him heart father's attaching.

He cannot do not have father!

He cannot let father suffer the harm of anybody!

He Ningxi likes very much suddenly adhesion him, make the same score in the mood that this lets his angst add glad. It is after all so long girl was held in both hands in control, be pulled to begin by her, go orchid dragon bay takes a walk by the side of the river there, feel oneself are in really really love.

Or so at the moment can be done without the thing, chu Zhengzhe is flat put down worry, enjoy the group of 2 the world with He Ningxi peacefully. They grab child in the recreational city of starfish square, go again cate market takes fastfood, saw the most popular at that time movie, later, in Ding Jiu the late food eats on Shui Panlou stage.

Chu Zhengzhe asks He Ningxi: "Happy today? "Happy today??

Male advocate rescue female advocate when the nervous clue of saltant high-rise still is in brain, he Ningxi is taking upper part of the pit of the stomach at the same time, panting to say at the same time: "Too too terrible, terrible! "Too too terrible, terrible!!

Just sat, chu Zhengzhe gives fruit juice to her at hand. He Ningxi drank, put down a cup, took a chopstick to place claw of a chicken to gnaw. Had stewed softly soft flesh bites the feeling in mouth, taste bud is all like Cheng Fang, can find happiness all over, he Ningxi gnaws rapidly, place additionally one again, chu Zhengzhe takes wet paper towel, close ground brushs quarrel to touch the soup juice on for her.

"Notice bit of figure is good? " Chu Zhengzhe loves again pity.

He Ningxi frown acts like a spoiled child kittenish: "Delicious, do not hamper I am enjoyed delicate. Do not hamper I am enjoyed delicate..

Two people of the move take on, jin Bei is big fast a cheek, ferial in often see people beautiful conjugal love, mind naturally at the moment not strange. The Song Shijun that in trying to be hurt from affection slowly, walks out of enrages scamper quickly, the chopstick is thrown, drink: "Enrage me intentionally? Want to fall in love, look for a place does group of 2 the world go be no good all right? Look for a place does group of 2 the world go be no good all right??

The manner of He Ningxi make a clean sweep of sth stops immediately.

Song Shijun does not give her the chance that strike back, stand up, go person.

He Ningxi is not to have arrange very, in fear and trembling sees Chu Zhengzhe.

Chu Zhengzhe takes the hand that takes her, comfort: "I go seeing her. " shellfish of look look gold, laughing to say: "This not, still Jin Bei accompanies you. Still Jin Bei accompanies you..

"Then you want to come back quickly. " He Ningxi be reluctant to part.

In lively river bank square, chu Zhengzhe overtakes Song Shijun. Take everything into one's own hands lives Song Shijun's hand, chu Zhengzhe is small forcibly, song Shijun must stop.

His hand is very firm really, song Shijun clutch buckles shake again not fraction, disappointing finally path: "Are you to should take care of He Ningxi? What to chase after me to work to here? What to chase after me to work to here??

"Ning Xi does not want to see you so leave nohow. "Ning Xi does not want to see you so leave nohow..

"I am broken not nohow, what concern to have again with her? " Song Shijun ases if heard joke of a whacker, "With a ha breath out... " laughed a little while, eye suddenly wet.

Hunan is sighing with emotion in sagacious heart, soft track: "If needing, I can lean with borrowing you freely first Oh. I can lean with borrowing you freely first Oh..

Song Shijun wipes canthus: "Thank your good intention. " suck greatly at a heat, side of look out river. River wind stroke has her hair, delicate and stereo facial features must stir popular feeling soul in the beauty below lamplight. "You say, " she mutters ask, "Do I just have my to express for nothing really? Arrive as a child big, I so hard, I think all the time, want be my settle on only, I am gone to hard over there run, I like those, can belong to me certainly -- after all, I still consider a fault, right? Right??

Chu Zhengzhe and she side-by-side and stand.

Full the difference of one build, look from the angle of others, their actually special ascend right.

Song Shijun is known perfectly well there is the thing related to love here, nevertheless, the boy of such Wei banks, in such night, company is beside her, the loneliness in the heart, grievance, really by diluent a lot of.

"Do you have had wanted to like the someone else beyond He Ningxi? Classmate, or be a friend? " light of double eye water is filled with Song Shijun, "When Ying Hua, a lot of classmates very feel puzzled, you are so personal feeling flies upwards, he Ningxi is addlehead however Mu Ne; No matter produce what thing, you yourself can square, he Ningxi however at every turn should rely on others. Even if He Ningxi is the daughter of congratulate listen wind, she still has the mother of figure of level of adviser of a fashionable group. Too not suit, do you know? You and Hening, also be such a pair of not suit sweethearts. Of course -- " here, she cannot help weeping again, "You are in all the time like her, be in all the time... "

Chu Zhengzhe mouth sighed, say: "Occasionally, you should learn to Ning Xi study really. I also know, in everybody in the eye, advantage of Ning Xi it doesn't matter. But, she is not self-confident, with respect to easy joy: Often suspect people on one's own side strange person, now and then a bit achievement, or it is others a bit better to oneself, she can happy, next very contented. Next very contented..

Shoot a glance at of ground of scorn of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty he is one: "I hear someone for the first time ' incompetent ' describe so holily. "I hear someone for the first time ' incompetent ' describe so holily..

"Actually, you can have you to think had pron any thing. You can have you to think had pron any thing..

"For instance? "For instance??

"Now is school work, it is a career later, still have love. " Chu Zhengzhe stretched his hand to delimit up and down, "You such belle, put in brownstone the person that finds compare very hard also, want you to be willing only, can incomputable man prostrates the foot in you to fall, expect and you in all chart romance life! Expect and you in all chart romance life!!

" so exaggerative? " Song Shijun is carried on corners of the mouth, laughed eventually.

"I had said, it is actually beside you, I all the time very self-abased? I all the time very self-abased??

Song Shijun laughs more apparently: "Smooth-tongued, listen to know you are in nonsense! Listen to know you are in nonsense!!

Chu Zhengzhe says him in one's childhood: "My that moment does not have father motherless, have an uncle only, still often do not take care of me. Also get in one's childhood a lot of bully, be sent Ying Hua by congratulate uncle later, in seeing you arrive to live in liberaling life greatly as a child so with age person, you can know: In my heart how should envy? In my heart how should envy??

"But you are already different now. " Song Shijun says this, want to thank him all the time so patient him company, turn topic path: "You come here, it is to want to let me go back, right? " saying, the Xiang Ding that answer a body is long go.

Chu Zhengzhe is accompanied beside.

Jin Bei, He Ningxi sees her come back, very glad. Jin Bei says: "The lion, blow Jiang Feng to also want first cram oneself with food ah. " placed cool face of silk of a chicken, in the empty small dish that is put before Song Shijun.

Song Shijun mind warms, smile: "Thank. "Thank..

He Ningxi is big courage also placed a dish to give her, heart of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty is envious, think Chu Zhengzhe is right oneself friendly feelings, be being returned finally is raise smiling face, true path: "Thank you, ning Xi. Ning Xi..



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