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The word already exported Song Shijun, how can still call in, can go ahead regardless admits: "Be how? The woman that you and you do not love got married, it is to abandon I. In my heart sad, think the love that seek testimony is in after all be absent, it what there is is not OK to what there is? It what there is is not OK to what there is??

In He Tianxin abrupt very distress, sneer, ask her: "What person is what then you know you are combined? Did she let me get how old loss again? Did she let me get how old loss again??

Song Shijun has fastened a face, those who disregard oneself is guilty, toughly blindly: "That is your thing, I care feebly. I care feebly..

"Good, " the view that He Tian expresses to accept her, continue to say with respect to the topic before: "What there is obstacle of a kind of angst in mental disease is ill, make force disease. The clinical expression of this kind of disease forces to think of peace keeping to force action namely, its characteristic does a few businesses that are without a meaning to force his conciously, and uncontrollable impulse is turned over relapse answer undertake going down, regard as even oneself are daily this some act. You take the picture that I and people interact normally, may be to stem from envious psychology at the beginning, send Shen Xueyin, it is to want to stimulate her to wrangle with me, destroyed feeling of she and my husband and wife not only, and also can retaliate the behavior that I fail to accept you and you to marry at the outset. And also can retaliate the behavior that I fail to accept you and you to marry at the outset..

Here, his appreciably pauses, and heave a sigh, just continue next downward say: "Do you know? It is before very much day, I did not think can you film the photograph on century star contest, but, later Shen Xueyin unexpectedly continuous had received hundreds of pieces similar such photograph, completely indemonstrable my affair is off the rails, it is pure only the feeling that wants exciting Shen Xueyin and she and me -- such act, I do not think toward your body, impossible. Impossible..

Song Shijun had pondered over enough time. At the moment she is sucked greatly at a heat, force oneself to tend quiet, unexpectedly none flurried and new sit down, next smile float rises, look at He Tian to say: "These words that you say, it is your individual only guess just, what evidence is there? What evidence is there??

He Tian says: "Evidence is -- if these photographs are you film with one's own hands, that is good. But, not be unluckily. Not be unluckily..

Face of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty immediately white.

He Tian says then: "Complete east how many does the private detective of the city have after all, I am found out hard. Nevertheless, I and divorce of decision of Shenyang snow chant still do not have a few days that of the divorce, I make a person surveillant my all round, search courage to arrive to dare dog unexpectedly greatly my person. " saying, his look is worn Song Shijun's face, laughed, ask next: "Do you know the end of that person? "Do you know the end of that person??

Body of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty trembles, path: "Do not know. "Do not know..

He Tian says: "I gave him a large sum of money, let him have place negative destroy by melting or burning. Warn him next, have similar action again, certain ash of raise of his defeat bone. Lin Xiao ease goes doing this thing, lin Xiao ease is the Milky way inside the 2nd acting ace heart most firm, a the method is the most sinister also, he laid that person die partly, tell him next ' defeat bone raise is grey ' not be joking absolutely. Tell him next ' defeat bone raise is grey ' not be joking absolutely..

Song Shijun asks: "Later? "Later??

He Tian says: "Later, you have discovery, didn't he look for you to ask for the pay person of the last phase to disappear unexpectedly? Didn't he look for you to ask for the pay person of the last phase to disappear unexpectedly??

Song Shijun closes an eye acedialy, not throat.

He Tian says: "What you can be at ease is, this person won't look for you again absolutely. After all you also are the person that I had liked, I can not let you get in that way the menace of one individual broken bits and harm. Nevertheless, " his the topic of conversation turns: "Small skin of the bamboo, love is not what understand like you in that way, want, certain good arrives. For example you, keep on saying says to love me, do not know you however from beginning to end base oneself upon is experienced at his, very brave, but very capricious. My parents is my basis, I cannot hurt their heart, go building my happiness next, at this o'clock you do not understand to also do not show sympathy. After marriage, what perhaps my emotional unlike myself to Shen Xueyin thinks is so deep, but, she is my wife after all, it is the person that I had sent oath to want to care well, you use so cruel method however, again and again, think she is sad only. . I and her feeling, true it may not be a bad idea is false, most at least, already became reality. I did not think really, some day destroys it. But, you made the choice that I do not want for me however. Still have a thing very serious, the Shen Anqi of you and nova public relations together, conspire calculate I, the result kills a person a lot of deader. My within an inch of loses Heng Yuan, my father also within an inch of loses world female. My father also within an inch of loses world female..

"Do you know what person Shen Anqi is after all? " he asks Song Shijun finally.

Song Shijun has bit of lose one's head, do not know how to reply.

"She is the person that your absolutely cannot be offended. " here, he Tianjiao gets what should say to had said entirely.

The tea on the table is early cold, he Tian presses a bell to ask female attendant to come in, take out Jin Ka to brush card to buy sheet, stand up next say: "I prepared to come home. Here traffic is disadvantageous, you can go with me, also can go out turn on foot two streets take a taxi with going up. Also can go out turn on foot two streets take a taxi with going up..

Song Shijun is stupefied be stupefied the ground sits on the seat, faint ground says: "Yourself goes, i... still want to stay a little while more here. I... still want to stay a little while more here..

He Tian thinks, will female attendant cries again, say: "Call to rent for this young lady. "Call to rent for this young lady..

Female attendant courtesy is considerate go out to call, not a long time comes in, say: "Had cried. "Had cried..

He Tian says to Song Shijun: "You conduct well. Between us, after also wanting excessive to talk again. After also wanting excessive to talk again..

Be able to return the Hening of acquired job afresh, below Chen Ke's support, the male money design that the female section that before will be being mixed eventually, designs for century star covers suitably comes out. What design about these male moneys is inspirational, come from for the most part that day for Chu Zhengzhe, a few sweethearts that him He Ningxi designs are installed. Can so say, when He Ningxi does conception for sweethearts money men's clothing, what think in brain is that individual --

Class hour takes the place of in, behavior is outside very the Chu Zhengzhe of cruel;

Great period is acting, academic essence enters the Chu Zhengzhe with more and more optimistic disposition;

Ripe age, even more composed vogue enrages more outstanding Chu Zhengzhe.

In He Ningxi heart, chu Zhengzhe can count boyhood arrives young times is all the delegate of halfback male. Increasing that fellow figure is good as expected to explode, regard frame as the clothes that the design gives with him, when taking Chen Ke to look, got Chen Ke's extremely high recognition.

Chen Ke does not know He Ningxi designs the inside of these dresses of course, but, no matter be to lie fallow to install or be being installed, show really be different from general vogue and high interest, this still let him feel extremely satisfactory.

"Regular meeting is very popular. " Chen Ke is laughing to say.

Nevertheless, design the detail part of draft, chen Ke feels or need alters well. Because have nothing to do the match, he is flat take plan entirely come home, pass computer next, those who make subtle part alter and build kind. Dress material and the selection that deserve to act the role of, what pass his individual is cogitative. Chen Ke rose at 3 o'clock from afternoon, the job arrives in the evening at 11 o'clock, in succession 5 days, change all work oneself to feel very satisfactory eventually.

Phone He Ningxi, chen Ke tells He Ningxi a such good newses.

He Ningxi skips there 3 rule are high, little girl is glad bad, say to Chen Ke in the phone: "Female outfit I also was revised, need according to you, retain the style before, but delicate rate is higher. But delicate rate is higher..

Chen Ke thinks of him to will be created in dress bound again new brilliant, there is no lack of excited say to the phone: "Then we will go to a factory tomorrow, issued list, throw next make. " such, beforehand before the goods that appraise can sell greatly certainly can be caught up with in the Spring Festival successful ark.

Communicate with He Ningxi after the end, chen Ke enjoys work from A to Z again. Next, he just shut computer, extended a lazy waist again, prepare bubble into toilet bath, loosen the body and mind that connects recently overworked with restoring well.

Close a door to come in him, when quiet time is enjoyed in full hot water, be in early with respect to concealed body the Qi Qing rain outside study door, to follow of to follow hand is sufficient walk into a study. Chen Ke's computer is put on the desk, qi Qing rain presses power source key to open computer. After computer is started, the dialog box that inputs a password appears on the desktop. Qi Qing sneers in pluvial heart, adroitly a string early know sth thoroughly at the number of the heart the input goes in. Computer was opened, a surname green rain finds Chen Ke to deposit the folder of blueprint, insert U dish, copy the file entirely next in U dish on.

When doing good all these to work, chen Ke just was shut nevertheless in the bathroom meeting eye just. Wait for Chen Ke to wrapping around bath gown comes out from toilet, computer is put on the desk peculiar do not have. A surname green rain is very close still, ability for him abluent cutcha bedgown is put in the head of a bed. Chen Ke changes the clothes, also came up to feminine appeal. He mounts a bed, qi Qing rain hugs gently, go on mouth collect next, kiss the lip with Qi Qing plump and smooth-skinned rain.

A surname green rain is behaved a bit is not madly today wild, very domestic, chen Ke takes off her dress, she ability take advantage of an opportunity comes out body dew. Chen Ke's dress, she just also parts gently the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket just. Chen Ke passion comes up, oneself swing the dress below the bed, gruffly the dress unlock her.

After a making love, chen Ke is holding the body with Qi Qing plump and slippery rain in the arms, kiss at the same time say at the same time: "Qing Yu, your make my exploration endless get drunk really adorably unceasingly. Your make my exploration endless get drunk really adorably unceasingly..

A surname green rain sticks his body to him closely, twittering asks: "Be compared with others? "Be compared with others??

Chen Ke laughed gently, say: "I do not know others condition again. "I do not know others condition again..

A surname green rain shows smiling face gently, say: "May not does not know not to think. Had you thought besides me other women? Had you thought besides me other women??

The hand that Chen Ke puts on her body cannot help one deadlocked.

Resentment of heart of a surname green rain is steep rise, but, think of just oneself had gotten main message, u dish already put in him bag peacefully, the affection of that resentment was depressed slowly go down. She was not angry, also did not give Chen Ke a piece of cold face, never had had however, very good-tempered the body that embraced Chen Ke, get understandingly into his warm bosom next.

Chen Ke thinks she will be angry formerly, such act lets a surname green rain he surpriseds cannot help glad unceasingly. So gentle and considerate woman, be him most those who want ah. No matter she is what profession, what record of formal schooling, want to be able to be accomplished only such, he with respect to be perfectly satisfied.

The following day midday, blueness rain presses a surname to come in the building of a tea near nova public relations about. To him own job very the Shen Anqi of with one one's heart sits between booked bag in, smilingly looks at Qi Qing rain to go.

It is spell able that today's a surname green rain dresses up very, emerald brief paragraph eider down is taken inside, it is the T-shirt those who match short skirt dress up, slender beautiful leg wore socks of a black silk, half concealed shows color of skin partly, a pair of coat of paint follow boot high, boots tube arrives all the time knee above. Horsetail plait, show a piece of facial features bright the face of colourful beauty.

A surname is green pluvial general U dish put on the table, shen Anqi lets her sit first meeting, next, take out the notebook computer that carries, open, insert U dish, open the file that the beat in computer of Cong Chenke of Qi Qing rain gave yesterday will examine.

Examine an end from A to Z, shen Anqi is very satisfactory, pull out U dish return Qi Qing rain, add up to electrify head to next: "Didn't pay want really? "Didn't pay want really??

A surname green rain says: "Had talked beforehand according to us, want to be able to could there be congratulate only that girl is done so that mix no less than going to in this circle thoroughly, my pay, had completely. Had completely..

Shen Anqi says: "This is natural. Nevertheless, I think seriously, still feel to should give you a few get one's own back. " saying, take out a white paper, put on the table.

Blueness rain has taken a surname to look, enchanted expression can'ts help coming out in the expression on the face.

This is an autograph holds the position of Xin about elegant exclusive the cooperative intent book of model, xin is elegant it is Ming Rui the United States is next to below company division kind and gentle brand, market fixed position is quite high, hold the position of its spokesman, light is annual salary fulfil is in 6 digit. And, ming Rui is big company, those who did its interior is exclusive model, model bound, is her position anxious again even?

Shen Anqi understands her idea, arm encircle, await patiently.

It is good to passed a little while, qi Qing rain just puts down the file, ask Shen Anqi: "This, be really want me? Be really want me??

Shen Anqi brow one raise, nod.



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