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Xiaochen laded Xia You's simple thing a small truck, send stars garden next. Be worth spring, luxuriantly green of the greenery inside the stars garden with open relief. The scenery end here is it is good to should compare century home go up decuple, the Hua Shudou of every family grow left, red, violet, of pink, numerous Hua Shijin. Winding stream dripping river water is clear see an end, a fish swim to swim.

The lorry stops outside 52 villa, wearing aunt of creditable 40 years old of housekeeper king to come out to receive. Still have young driver Xiaohan, be sent by He Tian here, temporarily responsible Xia You is pure go out with the car, helping Xiaochen salute Xia You purely to be moved from the lorry now, have other two servant help move into the house.

The house is very big, light is the hall, have more than 100 square like, departure goes to a footpath, also did not know to divide how many room. Wide whirl stair rises to 2 buildings, before leisurely of summer of Lin Zongfu's person is pure, pure black household takes dress a single person, fund fund and below.

Xiaochen is a little foolish.

Xia You is pure go to him before, he still has not answered a god: Is this advanced in a marriage frustrated departure person?

Although be a driver only, but, he also looks reach Xia You is pure circumstances is far nowadays before getting the better of. Light is this dress that wears on body of at the moment, collarband butterfly appearance is stereo the design clusters round lacy, the handiwork that cuff, skirt places is inwrought very exquisite, value very do not poor?

Tongue of small Chen Jie: "This, this... "

Xia You is pure the think of a way that understands him, explain at once: "I -- just be here temporarily have the aid of. "I -- just be here temporarily have the aid of..

"The congratulate that I think constant is far always, can not calculate forest total friend. Can not calculate forest total friend..

"Xiaochen -- " Xia You is pure desire argue forgets talk.

Whats do not think Xiaochen to say again, one bowed: "Take care of! " turn around leave.

Summerly leisurely pure quickstep seeks the door outside, but see Xiaochen gas groan leave, she also does not want to go out appropriate for oneself the word of averment comes, doorpost of lean close to, also be obliged deep sigh.

Arrange the foliaceous elder sister of clothings technically for her, will salute bag of the dress inside, headgear, bag, shoe... take. South 2 buildings face advocate bedroom cloakroom is very big, xia You pure existing clothings is arranged entirely, just used very small one part.

For Xia You pure the Sun Xiaomei that arranges cosmetic, busy was over, go to look, be opposite later Xia You is pure say: "Madam, the cabinet returns empty move here, if I accompany you to go afternoon,do not ramble, buy again some come back, does here fill rise? Does here fill rise??

Xia You is pure very open-eyed: "What do you call me? "What do you call me??

"Madam. Congratulate gentleman says here the home that is you later, this house is congratulate entire section buys the gentleman 3 years ago, he is willing already donative you, your nature is the goodwife here. Your nature is the goodwife here..

Xia You is pure correct: "The first, my home is not here. The 2nd, congratulate gentleman had not said, want here given I. The 3rd, can have with respect to gentleman calculating congratulate express givenly, I also won't be accepted. I also won't be accepted..

Sun Xiaomei feels mysterious: "That but ' congratulate gentleman ' alas, whole east city, besides Shen You like that besides the childe, cai Jun of the 2nd hot single young person. How many did you know his present body home already had? World female headquarters takes the business of next freely smoothly to reward him, firm gentleman of world of president wash one's hair is direct and given equity of under one's name 5% , conversion becomes currency of an ancient name for China, but that is as high as the fortune of a huge sum of 40 billion -- don't you that mind disturbed really? But that is as high as the fortune of a huge sum of 40 billion -- don't you that mind disturbed really??

"Are you very one's mind disturbed? "Are you very one's mind disturbed??

Sun Xiaomei is foolish: "That of course. "That of course..

"If you your mind disturbed, do as you wish! Do as you wish!!

Xia You is pure take out oneself originally illicit take, let Sun Xiaomei go out, oneself are changed.

Walk out of a bedroom to come, cleaning healthful Liu aunt is mixed piece of aunt also " madam " " madam " the ground cries, summerly leisurely simple corrects: "Call me summerly teacher. " " others so call me. " " others so call me..

King aunt is here face is total responsible, since Xia You is pure,hold to, she also corrects oneself call summerly teacher. Meal is midday it is acetic smooth yellow croaker, secret is made small fry the flesh, feral Lu Hao to fry smoked bean curd, and tomato of a bowl of dried shrimps egg soup, king aunt is cooked. Offer rice of northeast aromatic rice especially, pure green is cultivated, the meal colour and lustre that boils as Bai Yu, aroma is tangy. Xia You is pure sit, the chopstick of vulture grey jade that a pair of emerald green Yu Xuan are unexpectedly on at hand. Not bad, the bowl is china bowl. Xia You is pure ate a meal, drank a boiling water, the eye that remembers Xiaochen despises, the flavor in the heart is really extremely complex.

Although she is not willing, but the original story of Sun Xiaomei egg on is really astonishing. Should be a make sb do sth entirely beyond him, sun Xiaomei is wearing Xia You pure come to luck base. Sun Xiaomei tastes the imposing manner of inn to be like a female general into the name, all new funds look, carry casually, swing a card to come, buy buy, buy buy, buy buy! Buy Xia You is purely filled with apprehension, carry on the 3 assistant hand that looks at Sun Xiaomei full packets of big packet,

Xia You is pure ask Sun Xiaomei stealthily: "How much is this to brush? "How much is this to brush??

"About 80 come 10 thousand. "About 80 come 10 thousand..

"8, 800 thousand? " also rich time comes too, voice of pure open-eyed still gain and loss calls Xia You gently, "Won't congratulate gentleman mind? "Won't congratulate gentleman mind??

Sun Xiaomei laugh: "Congratulate gentleman said, want you to like only, spend money, he does not care. He does not care..

Xia You is pure " Oh " , sigh with emotion: "Is this still before that ' young season ' ? "Is this still before that ' young season ' ??

Sun Xiaomei is very amazed: "What do you call congratulate gentleman? "What do you call congratulate gentleman??

Xia You is pure explain at once: "My blurt out cries, that is... that is him in one's childhood, we are right his appellation. We are right his appellation..

"Summerly teacher are you native? "Summerly teacher are you native??

"I am native! "I am native!!

"How do you know congratulate gentleman then in one's childhood? "How do you know congratulate gentleman then in one's childhood??

Xia You is pure want: "Anyhow is understanding. "Anyhow is understanding..

"Be? " in Sun Xiaomei eye joking weak, "Pardonable! "Pardonable!!

Summerly leisurely pure cheek is small red: "I said, I just shack in stars garden temporarily. I and congratulate gentleman, won't become a family. Won't become a family..

Sun Xiaomei expression is very calm, smile is hanged on the face, all the time changeless.

The 2nd week, xia You is pure begin to go to work. She rises early, made up weak to oneself. King aunt reports affably: "Summerly teacher, breakfast has gotten ready for you. Breakfast has gotten ready for you..

Xia You is pure put down make up brush: "I forgot to say, I drive time today, I was bought on the road casually eat. I was bought on the road casually eat..

Sun Xiaomei she waits in stair mouth: "The car is already ready. "The car is already ready..

Xia You is pure follow in her back, come in the courtyard, see a black however Gusite issues bright third contact in the eye that raises first.

Summerly leisurely simple recognition car mark of Laosilaisi, suck a cool air: "Do you let me take this car to go to work? "Do you let me take this car to go to work??

Sun Xiaomei maintains a smile: "Summerly teacher, this is a car only just, no matter be taxi, bus, still be this car, it is a car only. " the driver pulls open door, she sends Xia You pure get on a car. A piece of mensal open and flat leaves, the breakfast that does not know when to put a car appears one by one.

The Sun Xiaomei respect that gets on a car subsequently: "Ask have dinner. "Ask have dinner..

Gusite starts, very smooth.

Xia You is pure take spoon, a word cannot say comes.

Went to Beijing road, xia You is pure come down from the car, sun Xiaomei is her handbag again. The Gusite that brilliance of watch sb go away sparkles leaves, xia You is pure this ability heaves a sigh, face about enters school yard.

In education upstairs, she and Shenyang snow chant encounter head on. These days of Shenyang snow chant from beginning to end in a state of anxiety, see Xia You is pure suddenly, frightened actually jump greatly.

Xia You is pure before seeing her, still did not think oneself drop the thing of next stair. But, since saw, want naturally to carry.

"Director Shen -- " she does not have deep desire to cast the ground is phonic rave.

Complexion of Shenyang snow chant " brush " white, the tooth fights, shiver path: "You, you, what do you want to work? "You, you, what do you want to work??

Xia You is pure very angry: "What do I want to work? Be should I ask you, what do you want to work? " stretch his hand suddenly, take everything into one's own hands lives arm of Shen Xueyin: "Why should you push me next stair, you follow me, have so big deep hatred really? Have so big deep hatred really??

Shen Xueyin exerts oneself to do sth. brandish opens her, : "You sleep to did not wake up, who pushs you next stair, it is yourself drops not carefully had gone down! " think of monitoring data has been deleted by oneself, the other side is not had by without according to, she had a bottom to enrage immediately: "You today well will go to work, I very for you glad -- " saying, feel suddenly something wrong strong, on one at present it is good to was looked up and down a little while, ask Xia You is pure: "You... before how seeming to mix are some different? "You... before how seeming to mix are some different??

Xia You is pure do not think show off originally, but, this woman calls Shen Xueyin the person really too annoying.

"Because of my clothing shoes and diamond, do you look very is look familiar? That was opposite, because these are a certain person,group person gives me to choose. You also know, person, in be fond of of a certain place that is about the same, once a person dresses up you in that way, now, also can dress up me so. " here, she stopped to meet, receive again go down, "Perhaps you feel I am imitating your past, but, that how? The key is everything what you once had, will put in me 's charge now all. Will put in me 's charge now all..

Xue Yin enrages Shenyang high to raise a hand.

That hand, by Xia You disease of simple key point is swift-handed capture.

"I warn you, do not offend me again! " fall forcibly, swing Shen Xueyin aside, xia You is pure hold one's head high hold out a bosom, be proud go however.

Hand of Shenyang snow chant helps wall up, spunk breaks up emerge, gas must want to vomit blood simply.

Return 52 villa in the evening, xia You is pure call Sun Xiaomei: "Begin from tomorrow, I wear the dress that I bring. Those clotheses are very new still, I do not plan to change. Additional, that car, I also need not. It is to multiply a bus to go to work before me, I had been checked, arrive from here my unit, want one regular bus only, I should rise a bit earlier only, still can continue the habit previously. Still can continue the habit previously..

"You are done so, I will be very embarrassed. I will be very embarrassed..

Xia You is pure want, stretch one's hand the phone that wants her: "I will call congratulate gentleman, explain with him. Explain with him..

Sun Xiaomei rattle-drum shakes his head euqally: "Not not OK, possible. " she affirms Xia You is pure this is to come really, immediately random heart, "Summerly teacher, you are true not OK such. To apply for this the portion works, but I pushed what had striven for to take the interview chance of big company. Congratulate gentleman invite applications for a job your assistant, treatment is too good really, sikkim bank Hei Jinka can be brushed casually, although the thing does not put in me 's charge all, but the sense that likes this kind of spend money like water I am really. And, the salary that belongs to me is a lot of better than taking a company also, do you know? Serve one year for you, I can be earned full 300000 firewood, return a bag to eat, and still can live in this house, can not need in you when, use Gu Si is special that car. Use Gu Si is special that car..

Xia You is pure listen continuously to be in a daze. Sun Xiaomei says, she swung one below: "Little younger sister, good life, still be oneself earn ability sureness. I am very regretful, let you lose your very satisfactory job likely. Nevertheless, I think: Since you have actual strength to be able to strive for the interview opportunity of big company, try hard again, still can strive for certainly. My life, won't stay in this house really. Won't stay in this house really..

Elegant build.

He Tiangang come back. Lvshu receives him, go in past house at the same time, say at the same time: "Stars garden that, do not think the meaning that stay it seems that. Do not think the meaning that stay it seems that..

He Tianxin quivers: "Why? Does the person there wait upon not quite well? Does the person there wait upon not quite well??

Lv Shu breaks the mouth: "I had seen a lot of women, never have had encountered what inspect money to be like muck really. This summerly teacher, be exception that. Be exception that..

He Tian sighs heavily: "How does that do? " stop face about, go outwards again.

Lv Shu asks: "Don't you eat dinner? "Don't you eat dinner??

"I go stars garden has. "I go stars garden has..

Xia You is pure hear outside the sound that the gate opens, heart easily. Downstair Sun Xiaomei's adulatory voice hears in ear: "Congratulate gentleman! "Congratulate gentleman!!

King aunt, Liu aunt, piece aunt also cries early or late: "Congratulate gentleman. " " congratulate gentleman. " " congratulate gentleman. " " congratulate gentleman..

Xia You is pure hold a this one book in both hands to come at once.

Passed a little while, he Tian goes upstairs, open the door come in.

Xia You is pure pretend to read a book.

Book of He Tian general is taken away.

"Alas. " Xia You is pure want to snatch the book again.

But, the hand is captured gently by him.

A kiss, be without omen to imprint on her mouth. He Tian nots allow to refuse, her cuddle enters a bosom in. Scrape up enthusiasm of 20 years, completely ages from the lip between come down in torrents and piece.

He Tian is holding her in the arms, come to the front of the bed.

Xia You is pure very struggle forcibly, must face up to to He Tian all the time.

Leave He Tian's clamp down on, face of pure red move drinks Xia You: "You -- shameless! "You -- shameless!!

"Do not want such saying. " He Tian pulls she, do not let her leave, draw out a red notebook from the pocket then: "The divorce agreement of you and Lin Fei already become effective, this is divorce card. This is divorce card..

Xia You is pure if suffer be struck by lightning, one has grabbed red notebook.

"Divorce? " she mutters, "He is so cruel-hearted really, so do not want me? so do not want me??

He Tian takes divorce testimony.

"What do you do? " Xia You is pure want to grab, be rectified by him height is held in arms.

"Ended, you and Lin Fei! " the eye that He Tian gazes at her, "Should be a paragraph of episode, want previously, we begin formally. I can take care of you, lin Fei can give you, I am OK; Lin Fei can not give you, I am OK also. " , emphasize: "We are lone now, this is providential, it is the chance that God gives us, make us OK renew leading edge. Make us OK renew leading edge..

Summerly leisurely pure tear is brushed brush drip downward, shake one's head do not receive.

"Small pure, promise me. Promise me..

"You go out. "You go out..

"Small pure -- "

"Your shut up, you go out! " Xia You is pure rip a heart to crack lung to cry. Her goggle at he: "Are you seeing my joke? I just lost my man, the man that I love most! In the heart very sad, do not raise any irrelevant issues with me please, I do not want to listen, do not want to listen! I do not want to listen, do not want to listen!!

He Tian is a little urgent: "Why to want to listen, are we each other like obviously, very those who love each other ah? In those days you had asked me, I am affirmatory also over- , I fall in love with you, in the heart very glad, try hard desperately, just also have a beautiful Sukhavati to let you, become carefree paradise. Become carefree paradise..

"I had said, that went "

"Not, not! " congratulate day voice is big also, he rushs out, rush again, put a very big case to go up, raise again then come, inside the thing comes out completely, "In light of you, each years, your birthday, I give you preparation, this, this, still have this! After from 9 lis booth leaves, each days, not, each cent, each second, I had not forgotten. " the double arm that holds her, "Small pure, for you, my whats are willing to do, want to be able to stay together with you only. Want to be able to stay together with you only..

Xia You is pure raise a hand.

"Bang! " sound is very clear.

A temerarious kiss was hit to slant.

Congratulate day face is painful, the heart is very painful, unwilling, grievance more very.

Xia You is pure feel feel sorry immediately: "Young season... "

Congratulate day face about gives room, "Dong! " throw main rooms door.

Dinner time, elder sister of king aunt, leaf, Sun Xiaomei -- these 3 people, the station becomes a shipshape, look is worn congratulate gentleman and summerly teacher have a meal.

Xia You is pure know this is their be accustomed to sth blast battle, did not feel inappropriate originally, but, he Tian is opposite her, finger mark of on different face 5 hands returns loom, this makes her shy, have bit of awkwardness again.

Fortunately those 3 people and neither one person is garrulous.

Eat a meal, xia You is pure put down a chopstick: "I go up first. "I go up first..

Hetian stands up immediately: "I send you. "I send you..

Return a room, xia You is pure stop doorway, loiter around not before.

He Tian says: "I won't be right you how. "I won't be right you how..

Xia You is pure look up see him, pitiable path: "I am sorry, i, I just cannot be accepted... cannot accept oneself to become a wanton. I, I just cannot be accepted... cannot accept oneself to become a wanton..

A few words say to get dinky reputation finally, he Tian listened, laughed suddenly.

Xia You is pure hanging low first, the cheek is aglow.

He Tian instigates her chin: "Probably, time can be changed. Time can be changed..

Xia You is pure removed face: "Days small, I thank so much very much year come you are remembering with concern in that way I. But, do you know Lin Fei is so old is coming how wait for me? My saddest day, he accompanies me to spend. The happiest days, also be he gives me. He plays my hand, cross the bright life that took me to also had not thought. I not cling to his extraction, but, if this life has the person that must go repaying, abandon him not to have others again! " say this word, she says to He Tian again, "My meeting hides that feeling to you in days the deepest place, that belongs to teen-age we, however with present we did not concern. However with present we did not concern..

He Tian is held tightened both hands, the lip is hoar. For ages for ages, he just sobbed: "I knew! "I knew!!

Xia You is pure hold him in arms gently from the back: "Thank you. "Thank you..

He Tianxin is so painful that He Tianxin convey hard, still return body cuddle cuddle she: "What still needs me to do, you say simply. You say simply..

"Help me go orchid. " Xia You is pure say, go back on his word again, "I also myself can apply for, time is a bit longer. Time is a bit longer..

"I take you! "I take you!!

He Tian says these 4 words, the following day, approve especially give along with travel visa and airline ticket she: "Afternoon the plane 4 o'clock, you prepare rapidly. You prepare rapidly..

Xia You is pure taking visa, airline ticket, terrified terrified stood for ages, subsequently, she ability is incoherent: "Thank, thank is thanked. " scamper about goes back the school. When asking for leave to Shen Xueyin, shen Xueyin was stupefied simply: "You is this foolish? He Tian alas, you are good touch not easily went up, became again lone, don't you want him actually? Don't you want him actually??

Xia You is pure keep a straight face: "Shenyang director, this is false, you are approved after all, still do not approve? Still do not approve??

Shen Xueyin stretched tight the heartstrings of for a long time, loosened completely eventually to today: "Approve, how to approve? " frank affix one's seal, "Although go, calculate a month not to come back, I seek teacher of take over a class for an absent teacher to you, also won't call urge you. " leisurely of summer of watch sb go away is pure go out, this ability from language: "Also do not know what I am doing before, waste namely simply strong! Waste namely simply strong!!

Delanwofubao, the Lin Fei that worked one day comes out from company building, go to the parking lot firm to want to get on a car, transmit rear call crystally: "Lin Fei -- "

Be like very thick ice the very acerb force that transmits below the layer, linfei freezes the feeling of 1000 feet split suddenly.

His face about comes, the figure that like daydreaming, sees one is familiar with attacks lightsomely before oneself.

Open oneself double arm chronically, xia You simple light up with pleasure attacks to cherish into his.

"I find you eventually, I find you eventually! " she is happy the appearance of shout, be like a child.

"How to meet such? How to meet such? " Lin Fei mutters ceaselessly.

Xia You is pure the face oneself closely recumbent he: "I had said early, I won't let go you, I also should be together with you to death. I also should be together with you to death..

"Where is that congratulate day? "Where is that congratulate day??

Xia You is pure admire a face: "Between us from without someone else, I pledge. I pledge..

Lin Fei is full of be ashamed, cannot help growing hiss at a heat.

But, xia You is pure return candidly a fact: "Can come round smoothly this, I still lent his strength. " saying, turn the head looks at far.

Far place, he Tian still raises a hand to develop their brandish actually two.

The setting sun of this day, help the person's reflection longly all the more. Of square of world-famous the cloth that pull Er roam about guitar of impact of actor exert to one's utmost, dove again and again flies to be in sky.

He Tian can no more go test and verify, small pure He Linfei whether because today, return at a draught once upon a time. He had exhausted effort! Blank of brains of at the moment, footstep is coxcombical, as returning 7 years old.

That year, his heart is so empty.

A person roams about in the subway, wind, it is cool. Air, it is acerbity.

He is withered sit in waiting room, luxurious honoured guest hall, do not eat to be not drunk, be like in those days that kind of sparse.

A song that the subway once let off in station broadcast at that time, also keep circling in the encompass side ear now: "Drive this new city when the train, I hear, that is the rainbow that had never seen. I open the letter paper that I send when you are parting, feel clinking longing suddenly. The winter of invisible snow not nocturnal city, I hear somebody cheers someone is crying. Early habit moves back and forth alluring night, but the face that cannot forget you however... "



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