The广州东莞深圳桑拿 9th chapter

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\ " at elder sister, at elder sister, how to do, my forms for reporting statistics made mistake, allen lets me do anew, elder sister, you help me, this boy is looked at is not good payable person, how was I given to enchant by that piece of face at the outset? Hey, I see he is nervous now, ah, god, save save me! The beating oneself head door of the beautiful tone compunction that \" just came to, those who reckon this girl is tormented is not light, a forms for reporting statistics makes a round trip redo 3, the little girl that this just gave a school gate that withstand so do sth over and over again.

\ " became good good, did not beat again, already enough stupid. I am laughing at \" , had taken her forms for reporting statistics, must admit, newcome is n/COL the head of a family if really quite meticulous, so the problem of the flaw is come out by hold tight, special person also, sympathize with look at beautiful tone, hope she begs much happiness oneself.

Human affairs is brought into play recently, and what I regard a company as financial department is presbyterial, the place with very safe nature is on call. It is newcome child only people shake with fear, of happy disaster of my heart calamity look at, resemble at the outset oneself, want oneself from beginning to end one pace walks over, ability plays quite not Jing, reliable continuity is worn oneself road.

Newcome Allen has really, no matter be administrative ability or oneself major level, let us completely a flock of this Xiaoluo collect people of be most willing to sincere take. Just, very strange, his eyes, when looking at me, total feeling is taking a kind to be familiar with, very resemble once a certain person, but not be absolutely, he just won't have so dark view.

Cannot think, heart or meeting ache. 5 years, the model that remembers he is ferocious finally every time can breathe difficulty, actually, having regret is him not only, I also cannot be excused euqally.

\ " at the young lady, so late, work overtime? \ "

Very artful, allen just also came out from the office. I am avowed and hapless encounter him, beautiful tone of if it were not for slaves girl then, I also so won't late, it is to help her originally, become my job however finally, oneself ran to date with the boy friend.

\ " is. The smile of sex of \" my profession is worn, hasten in silent number time goes quickly however in the heart.

Silent, still have an assistant gentleman fortunately, it is awkwardness comes really otherwise extremely.

\ " good-bye. The dot of sex of \" my courtesy below, face about leaves.

\ " starts to talk suddenly at young lady \" Allen, my face about, look at him, await next bade, disappear however what is indicated, thinking is illusive, then the smile nods build to prepare to leave to hear however: \ " will see tomorrow. \ "

Close paragraph of time is very tired, new officer assumes office, we make subordinate haplessly, had arranged everything, show go up, when be a family only. I am so tired that I do not want to move, lie on the bed, emerge however at the moment the face of Allen. I think is the move that be frightened probably, can appear so otherwise he.

Dream cropland calls for, girl girl delivers tonight with me, \" of hum of my \ " , so old, the relation is cool, rise and fall without what. Girl, the daughter of dream cropland and Ding Hao, like very much adhesion I, old people one occupied, send me this shack. I am very happy, every time sees her, meet those who have to be very fond of. They are very curious also, why my mood to Niu Niu will be so good, I think is the regret because of Ceng Jin probably, want to make up for the child, girl of girl of as it happens was born.

\ " young nurse, recently my toothache, mom says is candy eats much, must not I am eating sweet, how to do, was brought up to became ugly to like without the person. One face asks \" girl girl afraidly me.

\ " is right, so ah, now must not gluttonous, become a very ugly person later bad. \" my gally she.

\ " I do not change a very ugly person, I also do not eat again sweet. \" says the chocolate replace that takes shopping Che Ligang.

\ " is irrespective, eating little also is possible, little just. \" I regretted, chocolate, I also like very much!

\ " is no good, young nurse, you also can not eat, otherwise I can cannot help. The exhorting with very serious \" I.

\ " girl, the aunt had been brought up, I am irrespective, I am redemptive go closing, it is OK that don't you see? I am discussing \" , hope this bub can accommodate to sb.

\ " hum, be no good. We go eating other. \" does not give leeway completely, pulling me to leave, I follow crestfallenly.

\ " young nurse, that handsome uncle is staring at you all the time, do you know him? \ "

I raise a head, cannot see a person however, this is small girl, dare cheat me unexpectedly.

\ " Ding Jing is elegant, you this miserable. \" is saying me to stretch both hands to allow to catch her originally.

\ " does not want, have an uncle really \ "

such we are troubled by, strike the person behind not carefully suddenly, had allowed to prepare an apology personally, however Jing lived.

\ "Allen? So artful, you also shop! \" the laugh that I feel embarrassed.

\ " is, what you seem to play is quite happy. \ "

\ " , a moment ago you see us, girl of no wonder girl says to see handsome uncle, be you so! \ "

\ " this child is really lovely, your child? He crouchs \" to knead the head of the girl that knead girl.

\ " is not, of my elder sister, they have a thing today, I help an area. \ "

Does \ " have time? I ask you to drink a stuff. He looks at \" I, unfamiliar be familiar with again.

\ " is good ah good, I like to follow this handsome uncle one case, nevertheless I reject sugary food. \" girl girl unabashed say.

\ " knew, you are the most auspicious! \ "

Should refuse actually, after all the family is boss, it is not quite good to be like together so, always look a bit from his body not clear, always feel his person is not look like the surface gentle in that way, how can the staff that leaves on entire company otherwise is opposite again his stay at a respectful distance from sb.

This man, not general.

\ " young nurse, I had been changed with you, I do not drink an apple, I want your banana taste. \ "

We had changed \ " , your aunt does not like an apple. \" Allen is very natural saying, did not discover me however very those who astonish staring at him. I very the fruit juice that is fed up with malic flavour, how can he know, I seem to had not said.

\ " how, dry look at me so, is there a thing on the face? He laughs at \" , resemble a spring breeze, do not know to want to puzzle the heart of how many girl.

\ " is not, when I just nod fruit juice, have what to say? \ "

\ " is done not have, how, I say you do not like malic smell, guess really be opposite? \" his fun of one face, let a person divide not clear true and false.

\ " , such ah, guess was opposite, I do not like malic smell really. Breathe out \" I am how, how can contact he and that individual together, obviously impossible, if be him, that meeting sits down calmly to chat with me.

Drink a stuff, the appearance of girl girl is to should sleep, I wanted the signal Allen that I feel embarrassed to go back first.

\ of \ " heart "

I am stupefied, zhao Naxuan, it is him really, I dare not turn round, fearing is a dream, turn round again, he disappears again disappeared.

It is OK that I call \ " you so? Do not be in a company now, you are appellation to be like at the young lady too sedulous, do so I call your name to go? \" Allen is explaining, I nod, riant face about.

How is the likelihood him? So old, perhaps he has married parturient, still have via be not being written down already call the person at heart. I am the passing traveller in his life only, he becomes me however the memory that does not go is wiped in life. Zhao Naxuan, are you not bad now?

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