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The abode of Yu Ming China is in peace plain outskirts of a city, after next high speed, enter town along province path inside, after wear a city and passing, sail on the one place of Ning Chuan northern part is geomantic ground arteries and veins, reopen before long, be close to slowly.

Return the room that can see farmer of scattering outskirts of a city first, very fast, both sides spares the lofty tree of special grow after choosing only. At be curtilage at road. Door of 3 meters tall dark alloy accuses completely oneself. Because leave,those who come is Kongyanian's car, again Kong Yanian mobile phone is sent Teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai, Zhou Qi and after organizing hair style bingle and the photograph that wears Shen Anqi of black casing glasses serves as reference, after the electron scans, gate hole leaves. Teng Qianyu drives the car house.

The car stops in jockey level ground, laoqin goes to 4 individual belts to the hall.

Everything is undertaking by the plan.

Shen Anqi follows at the back of Teng Qianyu, at the same time advertent surroundings, mark the route that has taken silently entirely at the same time in the heart.

Yu Ming China knows Shen Anqi, so, from Yu Ming China come out, start work to Shen Anqi, have time of that one instant only. Shen Anqi needs a plan now, it is the whole body and retreat.

She saw Zhou Qi, zhou Qi is holding abdomen in both hands to ask Laoqin at once: "Father's younger brother, where is the toilet? I think have loose bowels suddenly. " Laoqin says hastily: "Wait a bit, I take you. I take you..

Then, teng Qianyu sees receive the Yu Ming that come up China bodyguard Wang Fu comes, throw car key the past, bade Wang Fu comes: " brother, go on my car, the data that prepares me is taken. The data that prepares me is taken..

Accompanying what Yu Ming China comes out is female assistant Li Xiaoxin, liu Dakai is carrying the green tea that a cup of servant just send, "Phut! " the ground bumps on her body.

At curtilage inside all the year round 24 hours of self-adjusting temperature, the upper part of the body of severe small glad wore only lacy stand receive small shirt of stays of snow-white real silk, boiled water is spilled come up, half body becomes transparent. Li Xiaoxin is enraged so that a hand swings the past, case of raise one's hand of Liu Dakai nimble is blocked, in the meantime, liu Dakai takes the teacup on the hand firm, while Li Xiaoxin collects the hand, he sends the teacup toward the side, gentleness lets a teacup just fall in to the force of as it happens nearby on tea table, did not let splashing rise not only, even the sound that the teacup comes up against a desktop is done not have.

Yu Ming China is bate first, see state " with a ha breath out " yock.

He asks Liu Dakai: "What do you call the name? "What do you call the name??

Willow amounts to the full name on Kai newspaper.

Teng Qianyu also comes up and lord child strike up a conversation.

Li Xiaoxin goes changing clothes.

Shen Anqi crosses two people, draw out the gun.

Want one gun only, after installing *** of slight sneer later, the Teng Qianyu that strike up a conversation, willow that showed skill amounts to Kai, and hit Laoqin to sneak away stealthily the Zhou Qi that come back, the instant can follow lobby of Shen Anqi evacuate, leave by the car next. This action undertakes so incidentally, let a person simply unimaginably queer. The key is, shen Anqi sold He Tian an adult please, teng Qianyu gain the salary of a huge sum that Shen Anqi promises, they wait to leave smoothly only at curtilage later, respective be perfectly satisfied.

But, how many the thing on the world has is follow a rational line to do some work well, thereby simple?

Shen Anqi draws out a gun, should pull trigger to be able to be finished only everything what she wants to reach, nevertheless, be necessary to explain to sum up Chen Ci's habit to the dead immediately fortunately, at that time, restricted her.

Shen Anqi takes glasses, to dark China say: "At direct, do you still know me? Do you still know me??

Yu Ming China looks is her, frightened immediately jump greatly. Nevertheless, those who serve as a big group steer a boat person, so old will mix slash all corners of the country is not to give in vain, yu Ming China is alarmed under, still be loath aplomb, show hoarse voice slightly grave line: "Be you? " , path: "What do you want to work? "What do you want to work??

Shen Anqi says: "Not be I violate morality and justice of all corners of the country, these times come, be indebted to at Dong Hehan Ke Sixian is born take care of, young woman passes indeed rich and colorful. Young woman passes indeed rich and colorful..

Yu Ming China says: "The thing of the group, I had given others. I had given others..

Shen Anqi laugh, soft track: "Should be the ceremony that devotes to do basin of a gold to wash one's hands to me. " the smile expands on the face, her finger begins to pull move trigger.

"Phut! " very sharp crack.

Teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai, Zhou Qi had come to an end. What makings, shen Anqi is in however then flashy side turns over the past.

Shen Anqi does not open that one gun.

Passed a little while, teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai and Zhou Qi just react come over: Shen Anqi's gun installed *** , do not leave to go out " phut! " so.

This, be just from in come out one wears shooting hair of man of black dust coat to come out.

Shen Anqi's gun was hit, shook shake formidably to crack her tiger's mouth-jaws of death, handgun be born. The instinct that seek to live on lets her break up toward flank immediately before people leaves the 2nd gun, stuck the ground to boil two rounds, dodge arrives at the back of antique wearing.

Wang Fu comes to go from outside, at that time, teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai and Zhou Qi had answered a god to come. Shen Anqi and tussle of man of black dust coat are together, 3 people exchanged meaningful glance rapidly, liu Dakai says: "Still go up! " Teng Qianyu rushs out the first times.

Teng Qianyu expert is strong result alive absolutely, head hammer, ancon hammer and fist drill very very well, piece enrol dozen of bos to stop, once hit the mark, even if is the bodyguard that Wang Fu has drilled to this kind still also is overcome. Add Da Kai having willow to be helped by, 3 5 except 2, wang Fu comes to be bent over to fall by arrange.

Teng Qianyu calls Shen Anqi later: "Shenyang young lady, we go quickly! We go quickly!!

Shen Anqi and man of black dust coat are fought intensely, hear voice, conveniently holds a Xiang Heifeng of a rare antique garment man throws the past, horizontal arm of man of black dust coat is held back, she this ability smokes clean to come.

Shen Anqi does not have a law to break through the line of defence of man of black dust coat, twist a head to say to Teng Qianyu: "You go, killed that old man! Killed that old man!!

Teng Qianyu immediately eye pop.

Not strange also, he is a house opening fierce only, homicide jumps over lively issue, had never been done. This, also be move be forcinged by Shen Anqi, assist Shen Anqi to enter this house just.

Shen Anqi and battle and go, be close to the ground to go up just the gun that herself drops, man of black dust coat does not let her collect to the opportunity, she uses a base only, kick the gun Teng Qianyu.

Ability of man of black dust coat is very good, mix at the same time Shen Anqi tussle, see Teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai and Zhou Qi at the same time. Teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai is interested in the gun quite, but, shoot, they after all not dare. Zhou Qi says: "Otherwise, I come. " Liu Dakai asks him: "Are you afraid of? " Zhou Qi says: "Came in, even if do not commit murder, also be illicit enter civilian curtilage. " Shen Anqi of pout one's lips as a signal: "She gives that old man finally killed, we still are maintained to be a group. " immediately fist goes to Liu Dakai control biff, say: "Right, money still does not give us one minute. Money still does not give us one minute..

One instant captured the thought that factitious money dead bird dies to feed this three, teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai still conceived self finally, let Zhou Qi raise the gun come.

There, at dark Hua Zao frightens paralysis. Common fall forward people dare not come out, still be Li Xiaoxin hears sound, come down from upstairs, see below a disorder, those people that just came should are opposite it seems that president is adverse. Li Xiaoxin after all keen-witted and capable, person young, hearten rush, help a face of in the future of Yu Ming China up to go.

Li Xiaoxin should go upstairs, yu Ming China says: "Piece, piece, go out -- " outside relief is open, inconvenience hides, li Xiaoxin is indecisive.

Be in at this moment, the gun in hand of week fine jade rang.

Man of black dust coat by Shen Anqi entwine, vacate temporarily do not move.

But, zhou Qi does not have practice to pass to grab, aimed at obviously, but kick makes his artifice big shake, raise of not own upgrade goes to the hand. Bullet shot the wall opposite side through *** , the dress part that connects Yu Ming China was not being touched.

Yu Ming China still frightened a be frightened out of one's wits, on the face because excited and become blood red blood-red, developing Li Xiaoxin big growl: "Call you to help me up quickly to go out, hear? Hear??

The eye sees Yu Ming China wants to run away, shen Anqi is anxious, she is mixed with all one's strength originally tussle of man of black dust coat, whats do not consider this moment to go up, also be obliged to bet. The fist of the man of black dust coat that she allows to be able to be held back originally is strong hit on him body, a pang is transmitted from left shoulder head, "Gelala " it seems that bone is broken also, left arm carries immediately do not rise.

Her right hand is seized from gun of admiral of body of man of black dust coat.

Man of black dust coat sees hit her, was stupefied for a short while unexpectedly. After Shen Anqi seizes a gun, did not shoot Yu Ming China, take muzzle to showing he is temporal instead, this makes him panic-stricken more.

Shen Anqi cries: "Stone Xiu! "Stone Xiu!!

Man of black dust coat raises a hand to make the motion that prevent hurriedly.

Shen Anqi drops the right hand, next left fist hits out, follow right leg to fly to kick the left hip in him.

Stone Xiu has very much some spellbound, it is good that he does not know to should prevent Shen Anqi next, it is good to still do not prevent her.

Shen Anqi wears outdated from the side him, say: "I can do! " broke through this line of defence next.

Teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai, Zhou Qi follows at the back to chase after Yu Ming China. The lackey in house of Yu Ming China now and then throw a case, gesso what to resemble, do not have actually to their action how old influence. But, after all this is bloodguilty thing, only Zhou Qi is stupefied inside 3 people the head is some bluer, want to do very much toughly. 1000 jade and Liu Dakai can not chase after Teng to be not overtaken, and Zhou Qi is busy shoot, pace is met naturally slow. Unluckily his marksmanship is in a complete mess, yu Ming China is so big target, "Whiz whiz whiz " bullet is shot, be stupefied is one hair also hits bos.

Yu Ming China has run to the side of his car, continuously shakes the hand that Li Xiaoxin draws out the key, shook half talent to draw out the key. At dark Hua Mianjiang makes him calm, deep voice says: "Not anxious, we still have time. We still have time..

This ability feels Li Xiaoxin allowed key-press to open door.

The door after Li Xiaoxin goes, yu Ming China is held off immediately. Yu Ming China says: "You go for a drive quickly. " oneself will hind door is opened, person getting goes in.

Li Xiaoxin goes straight towards cab hastily, open the door sit.

This ability spells Teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai, Zhou Qi together force runs, but, zhou Qi last hair bullet is quiver only Yu Ming China is luxurious a buttock that drives S600, li Xiaoxin drives car from quickness has left before them.

Shen Anqi is early see Li Xiaoxin and Yu Ming China got on a car, she has not enough time to go to here drive, look at standard itinerary to run quickly in garden across. She body appearance is strong and handsome, the form that moves back and forth between tree is strong and vigorous beautiful. Stone Xiu chases after a distance to be less than 3 meters place, want, still held the post of her to go.

S600 by the way bend preparation goes out from the gate, clutch wears Shen Anqi time rushs from the greenbelt of another side.

The fish jumps Shen Anqi and rise, attack car brainpan.

Li Xiaoxin is exceeding under fright loudly cry in fear.

Shen Anqi stabilizes him body hard, next him heave the right hand, shoot to shoot Li Xiaoxin kill. Car pane is broken give a hole, li Xiaoxin gets shot, the body is crooked to at the same time. Car out of control, shen Anqi boils from car head at once fall. S600 with a large tree other path of splitting speed dash against, car head shrivelled together, the car halts subsequently.

Shen Anqi climbs from the ground, hurry to a car on the side.

Yu Ming China shakes all alone shaking large rope to climb from backlash, bump tremendously bump him 7 meat or fish 8 element, must go up merely at that time breath compose oneself.

Shen Anqi knocks the window that knock a car, yu Ming China stretchs his hand to lock up door unlock actually.

Shen Anqi hears door to give out " Da " small ring, show immediately sneer at of type sneer. She is lying between pane to be able to shoot originally, at this moment, she is flat open door again come.

This time, prevent her again without the person. Long-winded of Shen Anqi or else, lift gun general Yu Ming China beats dead. Blood of forehead of Yu Ming China appears, the body is thrown outside the car. Shen Anqi gets a car inside, leave the car from the tree.

Teng Qianyu, Liu Dakai, Zhou Qi appears completely at that time.

What Teng Qianyu leaves is they drive the car that come over, fall get off pane is wanting to talk with Shen Anqi. Shen Anqi comes down from S600, draw out the 2nd piece of check to hand he. This piece of check is Shen Anqi so old the one most that will accumulate, number is very high. Shen Anqi says to Teng Qianyu: "Now, you hurry from here leave. " turn a body, block the stone Xiu that forereach comes to, 2 people fight hand to hand a few bouts.

Shen Anqi left shoulder gets hurt, because the body boils again then from pop-up car fall down, be being touched is pain everywhere. She expended so large interest to kill Yu Ming China, have some of exhaustion quite at the moment. Enrol too with stone Xiu, where is the adversary that how can you still be stone Xiu? Nevertheless, even if strong, essence enrages stone Xiu god very exuberant, still had not hit her unluckily.

Shen Anqi says to stone Xiu: "I know your state of mind to me, nevertheless, since today, I and you are about to leave thoroughly. I and you are about to leave thoroughly..

Stone Xiu abrupt is prevented not as good as, close immediately situation, stretch his hand very quickly next, hold her hand forcibly.

Shen Anqi understands his meaning, touch very much stand by one pace toward him. Stone Xiu, this is mixed in one's childhood oneself man, all the time since, expect is beside oneself, pay close attention to oneself silently, still often care oneself.

Make oneself that one gun, can target oneself head completely. Stone Xiu is not Zhou Qi, marksmanship Shen Anqi is right he very be sure.

Commit suicide to prevent oneself, he even laches oneself duty.

Since cost Er saved him, shen Anqi maintains him to expend the person of Er namely all the time. But Shen Anqi knows eventually today: Either! He what ought want to sign up for the favour that help, became another planted agent that large tube-shaped part gets early with respect to change sides in a war.

Shen Anqi after-thought goes, without giving thought to when, want him Fei Erhe to be together only, stone Xiu always can leave, probably, this is a reason.

Shen Anqi plays the hand of stone Xiu, stand on tiptoe removes tiptoe, like like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply, the lip is kissed gently on stone Xiu lip.

Shen Anqi says: "Since today my gold basin washs his hands, quit all corners of the country next. " the eye that looks at stone Xiu, she is abrupt very become enamoured path: "Do you know? My mom from be delivered of my that moment to rise, devote oneself to to quit this all corners of the country together with me all the time, she gave life, also did not accomplish. Now, I can come true eventually she all the time since the dream of diligent in an attempt to. I can come true eventually she all the time since the dream of diligent in an attempt to..

Stone Xiu is close-lipped, in just looking jade-like stone like that.

Shen Anqi returns the handgun him, say: "I do not importune you, you can inform Hankesi. You can inform Hankesi..

Stone Xiu hand is tightened, press the gun again immediately go up in her hand.

Shen Anqi laugh, still return the gun him, say next: "As long as late half hour is good, after half hour, you inform Hankesi, I can let him find me impossibly also forever inside these half hour. I can let him find me impossibly also forever inside these half hour..

Stone Xiu thinks seriously very much, "Hum " .

Shen Anqi walks along a S600. Although this car struck a tree, but because quality is very good, a bit also does not affect normal travel. Shen Anqi is opening it, leave at curtilage.

Stone Xiu wood stands however, until at curtilage in someone else chases after a doorway, he is abrupt face about, draw out a gun from inside the dress again.

Report of a gun continuous noise rises, be less than ten minutes, at curtilage the person in is killed entirely.



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